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Who such “self-defense industry employee“?

the Self-defense industry employee represents a special case of a vyzhivalshchik. Often two these forms connect in one person. But there is an important difference.

Vyzhivalshchik prepares for cataclysms, accidents and other global shocks, stocking up with necessary supplies and equipment. At the same time he is not eager to use prepared at all. Really: whether it is normal - with impatience to expect accident to have an opportunity to use a handheld transceiver, the jeep, a gas mask and other attributes of the post-apocalyptic world? Also and daily wearable set is dragged just in case - the vyzhivalshchik will definitely not begin to injure purposely himself to have an opportunity to use the cooling package or a surgical needle.

Another matter self-defense industry employee. That prepares not for accidents, and for attack. Its includes “the emergency set“:

1) various means of self-defense;
2) readiness to apply these means when the case turns up.

Here also the difference is covered. They say that thoughts of troubles attract these troubles. Really, even accident can happen from - for extramental desires to get into a scrape. But far higher to provoke the probability not accident, but the banal household conflict. In it difference of the weapon wearable “just in case“ from a lamp, matches and a condom. (Even if the accessory mentioned by the last suddenly yes will provoke the owner to application for the intended purpose, it is at least not accompanied by danger to life.) The weapon, wearable with itself is capable to create to you serious problems. I have no thorough explanations for it, but regularity such is observed. The weapon as if pushes the owner it to apply. More precisely, provokes to hit in a situation where it can be applied.

The weapon in hands of the inexperienced person is especially dangerous: not trained, not getting into extreme situations, not understanding personal and others` opportunities. And not able to estimate adequately danger degree. Unfortunately, those are very many “self-defense industry employees“. In principle, in itself physical and, the main thing, psychological unavailability to fight it is not so dangerous as readiness illusion. The one who knows about own weakness will prefer to resolve a dangerous situation by not power methods - will try “to settle“ verbally or to escape as a last resort.

But not such is the real self-defense industry employee! In vain, perhaps, he carries arms? Which does it strong and abrupt at once. . The feeling gives own force to confidence that he will be able to come out the winner from dangerous collision. It is more than that: the self-defense industry employee is in advance ready to use the weapon. From the point of view of self-defense, it is quite good, without determination it is really better not to carry arms absolutely. A problem in inability to distinguish really dangerous situation in which the use of weapons will be justified!

“Just in case“ the self-defense industry employee begins to see threat in any who seems to him suspicious. And if on its way two - three tipsy guys, just noisy company of youth are seen or slantwise the drunk neighbor looked, a conclusion follows immediately: here it, the notorious street mugger waiting the peace inhabitant! Not on the sucker ran - into the terrible self-defense industry employee... Which, without waiting for attack, shoots at the villain from a rezinostrel (fills in from a cylinder, cuts down the stun gun, knocks out a telescopic bludgeon). Necessary to emphasize...

Sometimes preventive measures work. If they are too effective, the self-defense industry employee becomes the criminal with the weapon snatching on passersby. If inefficient, then the self-defense industry employee finds out that (or, more often, abilities) it is not enough his weapon, there is a bit and loses the arsenal.

The reason is simple: the majority to it similar never before there were bits and did not beat. Therefore cannot estimate danger, and have no due skills. By the way, the alerted relation to people around is clear if to the person once strongly got. If the former victim of beating or rape carries arms, being afraid of repetition, it is explainable. Another matter - the person of years for thirty who was never attacked and not fighting at all begins to arm, drags on itself the whole arsenal, the Internet - resources vanishes on thematic. Without having on that any objective reasons!

Here two options are possible:

1) the person intimidated himself, having had heard plenty and having read horrors on a subject “around one bandits“;

2) the adult uncle simply decided “to play pistoletik“ - looks for thrills without danger to himself.

And the second option is much more probable! I will repeat: the person can have objective reasons to be afraid of attack (a situation in the past, life in the dangerous area, regular late returns home on dark streets). But most of self-defense industry employees live quite safely, with crime are not crossed in principle, and saw notorious street muggers only in the You Give Youth program. But safe life does not prevent to discuss at forums what “knife from hundred dollars“ to carry in a set to a barrel or a travmat as the reserve weapon. Yes, the real self-defense industry employee has not enough one means of self-defense! For conducting combat operations with crowd of hooligans directly - it is necessary to add the weapon of near fight to a rezinostrel - a knife or a telescopic bludgeon. And a knife it is desirable branded, ideally - fighting.

Surprises you that thoughts of the similar character are concentrated on search of enemies and threats? From the classical coward it is distinguished by one: the ordinary coward is ready to see danger anywhere and to run. The self-defense industry employee “sees“ danger too and is ready to grab legal, but unsafe means of self-defense at the slightest pretext. Here only to resist to serious danger the layman even armed will hardly be able. Most likely, he will also not manage “to grab the weapon“. It fixated on search of “aggressors“ (of course, with the purpose to stop attack!) poses some threat for people around. Never you know that “armed and dangerous“ the self-defense industry employee will consider as aggression.

As the similar character spends the main part of time on the Internet, it is not necessary to be surprised to abundance of reports on “successful“ or “unsuccessful“ self-defense. And here, having bought a new cylinder instead of used (or not worked in time that also happens) and even more fighting “bekapny“ knife, the self-defense industry employee goes to the terrible world of hooligans and addicts again. Either the police, or finding in life of real business which will borrow empty (and therefore filled by any nonsense) the place in soul will relieve it of this dangerous hobby.