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Rules of a smysloiskaniye according to Victor Frankl of

I Present to your attention a fragment from my book “ The Person solves everything. “
Will to sense are a personal awareness of need to tell lives “Yes!“, even if it is executed burdens and sufferings. This is not about reconciliation with any life here; Frankl means another: finding of sense is possible under any circumstances if the person is able to change the relation to life. From here a conclusion about relativity of any sense as it always concerns the certain, specific person involved in a certain circle of actions followed. Therefore, Frankl notices, “there is no such thing as universal meaning of life, there are only unique meanings of individual situations“
This thesis is supported with it a number of rules of a smysloiskaniye which make existential layer of the theory of a logoterapiya.

All these rules seven:

1. “It is impossible to give meaning of life, the sense needs to be found“.
According to Frankl, concept of sense exists objectively, and at all not in idea.

2. “The sense needs to be found, but it is impossible to invent“. It is possible to invent only subjective, that is absolutely illusory sense. “The door fortunately opens outside“, - Frankl Kierkegaard quotes.

3. “Sense not only it is necessary, but also it is possible to find“.
in search of meaning of life of people has to rely only on the conscience.

4. “The sense is revealed only in a concrete situation“.
It means that it is connected with “the requirement of the moment“ which is always single and unique.

5. “The sense can be revealed by everything, but to everyone - the“.
From the point of view of Frankl, any person regardless of a sex, I.Q. and education can find meaning of life. Also nature of religion and the relation to religion do not matter: “And in it there is nothing surprising as we believe that the person who consciously adheres to atheistic views can quite be a believer at the unconscious level, - “believing“ at least in that broad sense in what Albert Einstein, Paul Tillich and Ludwig Wittgenstein used this concept“.

6. “Life always and for all makes sense“.

Here the word “always“ is important. The person is capable to derive strength not only in pleasures, but also sorrows. That is why even sufferings give us chance to understand meaning of life, certainly, if these sufferings are inevitable and it is impossible to cope with them.

7. “Revealing meaning of life, the person reveals itself“.

Concerning this rule Frankl speaks: “I not only arrive according to the fact that I am, but also I become how I arrive“.

In other words, between me what I am now and intentsionalny communication which gives a semantic orientation to all my tselepolaganiye and acts exists me what I can become in the future.

Progress to you on the way of a smysloiskaniye!

Sincerely yours,
Snezhana Zamaliyeva