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Wedding tattoo: whim or symbol of eternal love? I want to tell

In this publication to you about alternative to classical wedding rings - wedding tattoos. What it is necessary to think of before getting such ornament what options of a tattoo are popular now and which of celebrities preferred such replacement to ringlets. Interested - we read.

What the animal such is?

so 50 back about wedding tattoos nobody also did not know

of Years. Now many celebrities prefer them to traditional wedding rings. D and among “mere mortals“ this symbol of conjugal ties becomes more popular and more popular. For one couples it a tattoo - a peculiar symbol of inviolability of conjugal ties, for others - a protest against a classical wedding ceremony. And the similar alternative to wedding ringlets is simply necessary for some: the allergy to metals or features of a profession do not allow to carry rings.
However, not everything is so simple. There are certain nuances which should be considered.
For example, masters do not recommend to choose various okkultivny symbols, images of demons and chertik as such tattoos. There is an opinion that such drawings can influence marriage not in the best way. Initials of the elect or date of the first appointment are considered as the most optimal variant (or other important day)
Still should be taken into account that a skin shade at all people different. Therefore the special attention should be paid to color of an inscription.

the Love passed

, faded tomatoes …

the Huge lack of wedding tattoos that after divorce they remain on a hand. If with a trouble ring less - removed and threw far in a case, then it is necessary to tinker with a tattoo. Of course, it is possible just to remove this annoying reminder on marriage, but suddenly there will be a scar? However, especially creative just remake a tattoo: add butterflies, various leaves and florets. In a word, get out as can.

And, at last, about stars...

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A this disgrace on a romantic note.
we Will look at selebret which decorated themselves with a tattoo in honor of the soulmate. (At once I warn that not all tattoos here presented were made in honor of a wedding)

Victoria Beckham has a tattoo on a wrist (David Beckham`s initials) and on a neck (I belong to my darling, and my darling me).

Pamela Anderson decided to tattoo on a finger a name of the husband, Tommie Li. The truth at divorce by it was necessary to correct “Tommy“ on “Mommy“. Tommie immortalized a name of the wife on genitals. I for ethical reasons cannot expose Tommie`s photo, and Pamela - please, admire.