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How to create ideal clothes?

of the Woman, dressed with taste, always consider the dresses to the smallest details. It is necessary to think over the image and to plan shopping to each woman therefore it is very important to look through the clothes at least time in three months. As a result you receive ideal things which harmoniously will be combined with each other. by

In this regard remembered one incredible thing - before me down the street under the handle there was a comical “sweet“ couple, probably, the husband and the wife. Everything would be fine if not a dress of these “pigeons“ - on it there was a knitted jacket in peas and a skirt in a cage, and on it an undershirt, checkered Bermuda shorts and slaps with socks. Laughter laughter, and a question one - what to do that it on streets was as little as possible?

Remember that process of creation of ideal clothes can be divided into two parts:

Periodic audit of things in clothes.
Planning of purchases and process of shopping per se.

the First point can be not such pleasant as the second, but believe that not to do without it in any way. So, we will start …

the first step - audit of things in clothes

Take out all things from a case, including contents of different boxes and boxes.

Throw out without regret:

the Torn clothes which cannot already be repaired.

the Clothes which got out of fashion.

the Clothes which are not suitable by the size (grew thin or recovered).

the Clothes which faded from frequent washings.

Clothes in not removed spots.

Clothes which look cheap even if it cost a fortune.

the Worn-out shoes in case new heel-taps do not correct a situation.

the Shabby bags which got out of a shape or not subject to repair.

the Accessories which got out of fashion.

Jewelry which looks cheap and do of you the shop assistant of rural shop.

Reanimate those things which still can be rescued - cut off excess threads and pellets, sew missing buttons, bleach white blouses.

Get rid of clothes which were not put on by the last two years. Put it in a box with the inscription “Red Cross“ and send to destination.

Be engaged in it right now, without postponing for later. I do not argue that process can be dragged out. Remember the main thing - do not try on a thing, if you do not even remember whether just right it to you, then and further it will not be actual and useful to you.

the Step of the second - what clothes you wear every day?

After such “capital cleaning“ ask the following question: “And what clothes I wear every day?“

For example if you work at office, then your casual clothes are suits, skirts, strict blouses. If you the housewife with children, then your choice are jeans, convenient trousers, blouses of cheerful coloring and a t-shirt.

If you are at a loss with the answer to a question, observe how many money at you leaves on these or those clothes. For example, if the girl loves hairpins from - for the fact that they extend her legs, she will whittle away on them a fortune, having allocated some 600 rubles for flats which will lose a look soon. Remember that it is necessary always and in any situation to look properly even if you do not like this or that clothes style.

For example, there are girls buying expensive and glamourous clothes, bags and shoes which and that is no place to put on-. In it there is nothing bad except that it is useless expenditure of money.

The clothes for every day are those clothes which you put on nearly an every day within a year. Signs which will help you to understand that it is not enough:

you long stand at a case in search of the necessary clothes.

A lot of time leaves on finding a suitable combination from things.

your clothes sometimes do not correspond to time and the place.

Before going to shopping, make the list of necessary things. Make every effort for creation of elegant clothes.

Often it seems to you what you have nothing to put on? Here signs that things of your clothes are bought chaotically also do not work for creation of your image:

If to you needs more than forty minutes to pick up to itself a dress.

If your favourite phrase sounds as “to me there is nothing to put on“.

After picked up a dress and left the house, you feel dickey.

to you would like to put on a thing which is in washing at present.

At a meeting with the girlfriend last time on you was the same dress.

to you it is heavy to span to combine clothes and your accessories, and you buy the mass of unnecessary jewelry which is not combined with anything.

Every time when you plan some event, you convulsively begin to look for a suitable dress in shops.

your clothes often do not correspond to time and the place as you have nothing to put on more.

On the street it seems to you that clothes which on you, are suitable for the house more.

the Step the third - we divide things into categories

Carry out the careful analysis of clothes.

1. Make the list of actions and affairs which will help you to think over your correct clothes. For example:

Cleaning on the house - once a week.
Cooking - every day.
Work at office - 5 times a week.
the Sit-round gathering with girlfriends in cafe - once a week.
Sports activities - three times a week.

2. Analyse quantity of things in clothes and divide them into the following categories:

Clothes for office.
Clothes for every day.
Evening dresses.
Clothes for the house.
Clothes for a dream.

3. Whenever possible you store things from each category separately, or use multi-colored hangers.

4. Try the following method: photograph each thing and experiment with clothes from different categories (do not forget about accessories). You will be pleasantly surprised with result. You remember, cardboard dolls for whom it was necessary to cut out a heap of things from paper were on sale earlier?

Always think over since evening what you will put on since morning. Consider a weather forecast. Before an exit from the house do not forget to be looked in a big mirror and to tell itself that you the most beautiful!