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What is BB cream?

What is BB cream? BB cream in translation from the English blemish balm means “balm from imperfections“. It became especially popular in the Asian countries, such as Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, and any local girl does not think of herself without this miracle - a product. Pay attention to porcelain faces of Asians, without uniform speck or reddening.

Today BB cream with huge speed spread all over the world, with pleasure “accumulating“ in cosmetics bags of the western celebrities.

Originally BB cream was developed by the German dermatologists for the patients who transferred a chemical peeling and laser polishing of the face. As you understand appearance after such procedures not presentable, and BB cream then carried out double function - hid the covered with wounds skin and at the same time promoted healing process. Then the Korean actresses learned about it and since then began to show faultlessly equal shining face skin.

It is surprising why BB cream became popular so late, in this miracle all imaginable and inconceivable means are combined: it works as the moisturizing cream, a primer, voice-frequency means, bleaches, struggles with wrinkles and at the same time protects from harmful effects of sunshine. After drawing minutes through 10 it merges with tone of your skin and it becomes imperceptible. The person takes a fresh and well rested form and as if shines from within. Over time the condition of the skin considerably improves.

I bring to your attention the review of several BB creams from different producers.

BB cream from The Body Shop the price of 690 rub

Universal cream changes the zhemchuzhno - white color, adapting to color of your skin. At contact with skin hi-tech microcapsules as a part of cream reveal and release a pigment. For light skin with pinkish subtone it is better to choose a shade 01, for skin with yellowish subtone - a shade 02, and for swarty or suntanned skin - a shade 03.

BB cream from Garnier the price about 300 rub

Is issued in two shades: light 02 (for light skin) and medium 03 (for more dark skin). If you doubt - take is lighter, then you will avoid orange color. Many abuse this BB cream from - for the fact that they cannot pick up a shade. Perhaps, producers need to think of the rulers expansion of tones. Even I with my not light skin suited only a shade 02. The covering is easy, but as though oily, at strong defects of skin this BB cream will not hide shortcomings. At desire it is possible to put the second layer. Categorically does not suit owners of fat skin, the face will shine as pancake already in one couple of hours.

BB Diamond crystal pearl cream from the Korean firm Skin79 - the price is about 1000 rub.
Provides to
three-dimensional effect of highlighting of skin at the expense of the illuminating particles. The mineral complex including powder of amethyst, a ruby, diamond, pearls looks after skin. Cream perfectly humidifies, contains a peptide complex which tightens a face form and increases turgor of skin. From all above-mentioned BB creams at it the easiest, almost weightless structure, not sticky and without fragrances. Instantly merges with skin, without leaving an unhealthy greasy luster. In a lid there is also a cream highlighter which can be applied on cheekbones and nadbrovny arches. Despite small volume (only 35 gr.), completely justifies high price. For every day all is it it is a pity to use.