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How to look after fat skin?

Oh this fat skin … Many would give all treasures of the world at last to get rid of a hated greasy luster, enlarged pores and heat-spots. to

From the esthetic point of view, to owners of fat skin it was lucky least of all. For example, if dry skin is capricious, then she can be calmed creams, and fat skin should be “humoured“ absolutely in a different way and all the same not to avoid periodic “surprises“. Care of fat skin assumes existence of components which would suppress excessive activity of sebaceous glands.

of the Reason of fat content of skin

Hormonal imbalance. 90% of teenagers suffer from this problem from - for explosion of hormones, everything usually returns to normal after 16 - 17 years. If you already were above teenage age, and skin still leaves much to be desired, that is the sense to address the expert (to either the cosmetologist, or the gynecologist - the endocrinologist) for clarification of the reasons.

Pregnancy . This “interesting“ situation is a huge stress for an organism, hormones begin to play pranks, and as a result on skin the greasy luster and all companion problems appears.


Greasy and spicy food. Should see to the food, you behave and think of beauty.

Reception of oral contraceptives. When you begin a reception course, the organism can revenge not only fat skin, but also extra kilos.

the Wrong selection of the looking after cosmetics. Choose gels and fat skin toners. Any fats and oils.

Abuse of decorative cosmetics . Remember - there is no sense to impose on itself three plaster coats in hope that nobody will notice a real condition of skin. In - the first, at fat skin foundation keeps on a face only in the afternoon, and in - the second, it is simpler to look after initially correctly itself, than to try to disguise shortcomings. I mean the general condition of skin (couple of heat-spots of times a month are not counted).

Heredity . Tell “thanks“ to someone from relatives.

Stress . Strangely enough, the nervous state can give an impetus to emergence of spots. You remember it and try to calm down as it is possible quicker.

Care of fat skin

First of all, periodically visit the cosmetologist, but never agree to mechanical face peel - at the same time the person is so injured that the state only worsens. Give preference to a peeling fruit acids and procedure of microdermabrasion. (By the way, the set on microdermabrasion can be bought also in a drugstore and to use it in house conditions. The only thing that needs to be remembered - microdermabrasion is contraindicated in too started cases at severe abscesses).

Care of fat skin includes several standard stages:


For washing use gels with the content of salicylic acid . In the market there is a huge choice of various means of both cheap, and elite brands. Remember that it is expensive - does not mean well, the main condition - that means did not overdry skin. If there are unpleasant feelings - better to forget about it forever. For example, long and continuous disputes on the well-known three-stage Clinique system are conducted. Their line for fat and problem skin so strong that it is necessary to use it extremely carefully. In this case it is better to choose means of Clinique for the combined skin and not to listen to the consultant.

Never wash hot water . Room temperature well influences all types of skin, including fat.


Peeling by peelings and srubs has to be an integral part of leaving in case there are no severe abscesses and purulent rashes. Frequency of procedure will depend on personal preferences: 1 - 2 time a week is better to use a srub not more often; as for a peeling, there are means for daily leaving today.

Here the recipe of a simple peeling which can be made without effort in house conditions: you mix juice of a lemon and couple of teaspoons of sugar and by means of a wadded disk you massage this mix a face. Remember that lemon juice bleaches skin.

From cheap store means the face scrub Recipes of the grandmother Agafya “a cucumber and honey“ perfectly copes with the function. It is rather not the srub, but a gentle peeling with pleasant aroma, quite approaches for every day.


After clarification and peeling use easy the moisturizing cream with the matting effect on a water basis. In principle, at will it is possible to replace cream with tonic, it already to whom as is pleasant.

Use of masks

Before use of masks is better to take a little on a face a warm towel to steam out skin, or to put a mask right after a shower. The simplest mask - to dissolve with water purchased clay from a bag and to take 10 min.

If there are time and desire, it is possible to prepare the following masks in house conditions:


• 1 banana.
• 2 teaspoons of honey.
• Several drops of a lemon or orange.


• 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
• 2 proteins.
• 3 teaspoons of honey.
• Several berries of strawberry (if there is no allergy).

From store options I recommend a megamint mask of Lush firm, super - a thing on the basis of a kaolin with lethal aroma of mint, the small jar lasts for a long time.

Councils for care of fat skin

1. Use the foundation intended only for fat skin. It is important that a time was not hammered, otherwise rashes will develop all the time. When drawing a foundation it is better to use sponzh or a brush, but not fingers. Do not forget to wash out all brushes after use.

2. In case your skin is not strongly started, give preference to soft creams with the tinting effect instead of dense texture of foundation.

3. Surely wash away cosmetics for the night!

4. Attentively watch reaction of your skin to various looking after means. Do not wash more often than two times a day, otherwise sebaceous glands will begin to work even more intensively.

5. Do not forget to erase as often as possible pillowcases, scarves and caps, that is all that directly adjoins to the person.