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How to express the love to the partner?

cannot be Expressed the love to the partner if it goes in all sincerity. Among all gifts with which God presented mankind the love costs on a special pedestal. Understanding that you love is loved, forces heart to fight more often, the meaning of life appears, you as if soar in clouds.

It is one of the greatest feelings which allows the person to feel at world top. By scientists it is proved that at loving couples even the chemical composition of blood is changed. Not for nothing speak - “love alchemy“.

But the love is that feeling which needs expression. The relations can be considered harmonious only when both partners are capable to tell about the emotions. I am familiar with one loving couple where long time was difficult to open for the girl the heart and I like to say the phrase “I you“. And in the subsequent she kept silence.

Her young man took offense and could not understand why it is so difficult to tell three treasured words. The problem consisted that she did not know as far as it was important to her man to hear this recognition, she just thought that it is enough to be near it.

How to express the love to the partner? Except a hackneyed phrase “I love you“, nothing occurs, but actually there is a set of ways.

1. One of the easiest ways to express love - to write the love message by mail or SMS. Use the imagination, a sure bet - love poems or sayings of the famous authors on love. Who will resist it, for example, a masterpiece?

I you will burn with a kiss painful,
Inexpressible - one - we will kiss dreams, your pleasure treasured line will have with pleasure sluggish
Between night and in the afternoon,
That, having closed eyes, you delighted painful
Whispered: “Again! Ah again! It - you!“

Ya I think that K. Balmont would not object if girls, sending it to the guy, changed “whispered“ on “whispered“. Be creative, it is possible to take in general paper of high quality and a fountain pen, to try to represent everything in more romantic look, then to put in an envelope and to leave in a visible place.

2. Touches - necessary attribute of expression of love. As often as possible concern each other, you hold hands, embrace, kiss, fall asleep in embraces of each other. It is possible to warm up the partner an intimate touch when he or she least of all expects it. Use both finger-tips, and both sides of a palm and, of course, a lip.

3. Surprises also play an important role in expression of your love. There is nothing more pleasantly for the guy when his girl tremblingly tells him as to her brought an armful of white roses and a bear cub to office. It is a little banal, but all ingenious is simple.

4. Change scenery, run away from all and remain only together. Today there is a large number of weekend tours - for example, to Europe. Believe that these two days will seem you pleasant eternity.

How you will express the love, directly depends on your creativity and desires of your partner. Anyway you receive a storm of emotions, realizing what you make the darling happy.