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How to accustom the husband to an order?

How to accustom the husband to an order? Sooner or later this question “rises an edge“ for each woman, whether it be the housewife or business - the lady, the young girl or the mature lady. It is no secret that to exist in an environment of the scattered socks, shirts, mixed up with dirty ashtrays and cups, oh as it is unpleasant.

“to exist“, but not to live. Especially irritates every morning to hear from the beloved: “Darling and where pure pants?“

can remember an old joke Here:

- Darling, at me is the presentation today. Help to find a new suit. And where my pure pants?
- And pants - that, what for?! What you are going to present that-?!

the Joke a joke, and the problem is available. Let`s try to understand why so occurs …

Each man inherently is an owner of a certain thing or object, it is not important - the apartment, the house, the room or the car. In the nature males mark the territory, thereby letting know: “This mine also belongs only to me“. The man simply - naprosto will leave in the territory a “fragrant“ subject in the form of socks or will defiantly expose a cup with the drunk not enough tea in the middle of a table. Thereby he accurately declares the rights for the territory and anything else. Women regard this ritual in own way: time he scatters things, so does not respect me, and time does not respect, so and does not love.

To disaccustom with force to this habit it is even better not to try. Very often at forums it is possible to meet the following council: “How to accustom the husband to an order? Stop to clean and wash the scattered things, and the dirty ware left to them put on its half beds“. It is in urgent cases offered to throw out just once clothes from a window. We remind you that the man - a being with the thin sincere organization therefore this plan will come to inevitable grief. If your beloved also with east temperament - and you go with violet shadows at all, and only on one eye.

Remember one simple truth: discuss any trifle with the husband and at once you say what specifically does not suit you. Yours not the psychic and not the telepathist loved to get into your brain and it will not be able to understand the reason of your discontent. For example, having shown it its dirty mug, it is possible to tell the following: “Washing love, present that this mug - my heart. Really you want that it ceased to fight? Then carry a mug on kitchen and wash it as it is possible more carefully“. At the same time do not forget to praise always the husband, warm words are loved not only by women. As for dirty linen - allocate a basket for it and accustom the darling to carry dirty things only there.

One of the most tiresome occupations is a search of the second sock in general “to a heap - Male“. But also there is a way out: buy 20 pairs of absolutely identical black socks and several pairs of gray socks. Then you should not suffer and every time to sort couples, it is even not obligatory to observe “left“ or “right“. Allocate a special box in a case only for socks - and the problem is solved.

Do not allow the husband “to push“ dirty sweaty shirts or sweaters back in a case. Accustom to put on a shirt or a t-shirt only once, then to carry in washing. As for sweaters - no more than one - two times, differently no expensive perfume will block a sweat smell.

Distribute duties: for example, it will be responsible for carrying out of garbage and “communication“ with the vacuum cleaner. Then you can just allocate one day a week for joint cleaning that will make you even more closely to each other, even such tiresome occupation can become pleasant and cheerful ritual.

At last, you remember that faultless people are not. At everyone, as they say, the shortcomings, the main thing that they did not prevent joint happy life. At mutual understanding and respect to accustom to an order of the husband and to achieve ideal life will not make special work.