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How to choose the perfume?

Perfume, whether it be spirits or toilet water, are a greatest invention of mankind. What can push away or cause desire, admire or shock, make a trip in the elevator a torture chamber or small paradise? Of course, successfully or unsuccessfully picked up perfume.

Certainly, it is necessary to consider influence of a smell on our consciousness. Whatever attractive and clever was the person if from him badly or tastelessly smells, the loneliness is provided to him. Plus to everything a smell as well as taste, has property to remain for a long time in our memory. We very often remember not people who around us, and perfume which they use.

It is correct to choose the perfume not so simply as it seems. It is necessary to consider that fact that when we splash from a flakonchik on a tester - it is not that at all. A piece of paper in perfumery shop - faceless dead object in which there are no difficult chemical processes. As not to be mistaken with the choice?

1. Before purchase of perfume define what smell suits you. Someone is crazy about a jasmine and a violet, someone gives preference to orange, and someone cannot live without ocean breeze. There is a huge number of perfumery smells for every taste: flower, fruit, citrus, wood, east, fresh, fuzherny. Think what aroma will be able to characterize you.

2. Visit perfumery shop and properly torture the consultant. The expert himself will offer you several spirits at choice, depending on your preferences. Do not hesitate, work of consultants also consists in satisfaction of desires of the buyer, that is you!

3. Take a piece of paper and spray on it spirits from a flakonchik. Wait couple of seconds, then bring to a nose. Do not choose more than from three smells for once - you will just get confused!

4. When you decide on perfume which was pleasant to you, - it is time to try it on the skin! Apply aroma on a wrist, wait 1-2 minutes, and you will feel the top note of spirits which will be felt within 10 minutes.

5. After this half-hour where - nibud take a walk. Bring a wrist to a nose, and you will feel much more saturated aroma. It is a so-called note of heart. Think whether it irritates you.

6. The final note or a loop will be shown only in one couple of hours. Analyse whether there are you in harmony with this smell, whether you are happy. If yes, that the smell “sat down“ on you ideally, and it is possible to come back joyfully behind purchase.

In general, it is necessary “to carry“ aroma intelligently too. Coco Chanel witty noticed that it is necessary to apply perfume exactly there where you most of all wait for a hot kiss. It is proved that the warm pulsing parts of the body, such as the neck, a breast and wrists, ideally perceive spirits or toilet water. It is better to apply spirits in a small amount on temples and wrists, and to spray toilet water from a bottle and to rise quickly under a shower of these droplets. Hair “will also immediately make friends“ with perfumery composition.

Be extremely attentive to opinion of people around, do not use heavy east spirits in the afternoon at office, otherwise you risk to be left without work soon.

As for fabrics, wool, a velvet and velveteen hold a smell of perfume excellently, unlike synthetics and silk (besides, on silk products from spirits there can be spots).

The best place for perfume storage - a case. Aromas will just die of fluctuations of temperature and a sunlight, and in the dark and to a cool flakonchik can quietly stay till five years.

So whether it is time to move off in searches of the aroma?