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How to reach harmony in the relations with darling?

to Reach harmony in the relations with darling it turns out not at all. At emergence of the first difficulties it is easier and simpler to someone to wave each other with the handle and to erase everything from memory, others in every possible way try “to fill in the new base“ and to build the house anew.

Anyway, the majority of couples always passes the so-called period of “grinding in“ when everyone insists on the correctness and does not want to concede when someone has to apologize for sins from antecedents.

The relations with darling in general are similar to a puzzle: bright pieces of events or gather in the beautiful picture, or is not present, then the gear of destiny moves in the direction already to other partner. But the relations is not a children`s game and what to do to reach necessary harmony?

1. Do not wait that darling will bear responsibility for your happiness. Wonder why you are unfortunate. Very often the relations fall from - for the fact that one of partners blames another for the misfortune. Only you control the life, you have to accept both the good, and bad parties of your partner. Remember that the relations are under construction by the principle “to take - to give“, and in couple everyone has to satisfy these conditions.

2. Sometimes make concessions, without expecting it from darling. Respect foreign opinion, do not wait that he or she will agree with you at the slightest pretext.

3. Always you tell the truth. Many lie in rescue to preserve feelings and emotions of the partner. The lie gives rise to an invisible abyss between you even if it will never come up outside. The trust is that sail which will help your ship to move with the necessary direction.

4. Forgive each other. The forgiveness will allow to release the past and to concentrate on the future. If you study on last mistakes and do not repeat them - it is a good sign. It is the only thing to do to avoid disappointment or despair.

5. Respect desires of your partner. For example, if darling asks to leave him alone or feels need for personal space.

6. Do not expect too much from darling to avoid disappointments.

7. Smooth acute angles during quarrels - never discuss important points when both of you are on a platoon. Exhaust one by one, then talk about everything quietly.

8. Be able to recognize the mistakes and to apologize for deeds. Ask darling to give you a little time to realize the fault. Then sit down at a negotiating table and tell that were wrong. It will strengthen your relations and will make them stronger.

9. Whenever possible you spend all free time together. It is not important as far as you are busy, it is always possible to find time for joint leisure. If watch the movie, then you descend in cafe or to friends. You will feel relationship which will only become stronger over time.

10. Laugh together. The laughter prolongs life, and the joint laughter will make your life easy. You appreciate the partner with sense of humour.

11. Develop together in the intimate plan. Do not hesitate to discuss own imaginations and listen to imaginations of the partner, then realize them.

12. Support each other whatever it happened. Make so that darling could tell you everything. It will mean achievement of full harmony.

Protect each other. Good luck!