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How to make your skin healthy and shining?

One of the main secrets of female beauty is simple - to have the healthy and shining skin without wrinkles, reddenings, spots, a visible time and shadows under the eyes. Very few people God by nature awarded with faultless face skin. Millions of women worldwide spend every day a lot of money and time to bring closer themselves to ideal “dolls“ in glossy magazines. Many also do not guess that models (not all ) drink alcohol, smoke, sleep a little, and the photoshop works on improvement of their appearance. It means that all of us are not ideal, and any woman can have the healthy and shining skin, being guided by very simple rules:

1) Eat healthy food

Everything that we eat, influences a condition of skin, nails and hair. To have the healthy and shining skin, avoid greasy and spicy food and include the products containing A and Page
vitamin Synthetic analog of vitamin A (retinoid) in a diet is in any anti-aging cosmetics today. Vitamin A in the greatest numbers contains in potatoes, carrots, eggs, milk and apricots.
Vitamin C promotes production of collagen which maintains elasticity of your skin and interferes with formation of wrinkles. Contains in a kiwi, oranges, grapefruits, apples, red pepper, strawberry.
Also exist other products which are very useful to skin: fish, nuts, bitter chocolate, cranberry, grapes and grenades.

Not all know that nutritionists recommend to eat properly not only from - for contents in products of necessary vitamins and minerals and also in order that the gastrointestinal tract worked like clock-work, and slags did not accumulate where it is not necessary. There is direct link between bad complexion and locks. In this case one of recommendations - to include in a diet is more than vegetables and fruit, and the radical method is a professional clarification of intestines (gidrokolonoterapiya).

2) Drink a lot of water

Every day drink at least two liters of simple water. There is also simple and tasty recipe - on an empty stomach it is necessary to drink a glass of warm water with a lemon and honey. Loads with energy for all day.

3) Carefully look after skin

Select the ukhodovy and decorative cosmetics suitable only your type of skin.

• Every day clean and moisten a face, then use tonic.
• Time or two in a week apply a srub. If you have too sensitive skin, it is better to use a peeling.
• Every other day it is possible to use the masks suitable your type of skin. If the reluctance to potter with preparation of house masks, in shops bags on once are on sale. It is very convenient as it is possible to do every time new or to alternate. • Never leave to
decorative cosmetics for the night. In whatever state you were - find forces to reach a bathroom.
• Before going to bed wipe a face with an ice cube (it is possible to freeze both simple water, and any grade of tea (black, green, grassy). Cold water not so dries skin as hot and detains moisture in cages! Some women instead of tap water wash mineral water.
• Council to which me the grandmother the person after washing taught - not to wipe not to stretch skin.
• If you have a fat skin - select the corresponding voice-frequency bases and powders. Be not fond of primers, shimmers and by all means, containing spangles. Clean excess gloss from a face during the day. Instead of the matting napkins it is always possible to use a piece … the  toilet paper;. The effect is identical!
• At dry skin use the foundation mixed with your favourite face cream. Avoid too dense bases which can emphasize wrinkles and peelings and to make you is much more senior. The best choice is a BB cream or the moisturizing cream with voice-frequency effect.

4) Regularly play sports

At sports activities invaluable advantage is received not only by your body, but also skin. At physical activities consumption of oxygen increases therefore skin receives an additional portion of this element. Sports activities also reduce stress that also well influences an integument.

5) Sleep at least seven hours

Try to get enough sleep! Even if you have a husband, three children, work, a household, a dog and hamster, make everything to lay down in certain time and to sleep at least seven hours. Then you will avoid gray complexion and eternal shadows under the eyes!

6) Whenever possible avoid strong alcohol and cigarettes

there is nothing shameful in drinking a glass of wine or champagne in a circle of friends or to smoke one cigarette a year for the company. But any regular “libations“!

Now each woman will think that she knew all these councils earlier. However reflect whether you carry out everything from them? If is not present, then not late to correct a situation, then you will look and feel excellently!