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Whether the Invisible man of modern Russia is necessary?

Are interesting what would be with heroes of the famous literary works, get they to modern Russia?.

Robinson Crusoe. Appointed himself the governor of the island. Without coordination from above, the deputy filter and holding primaries. Carries the unregistered firearms. On anybody does not depend. Solves all problems independently. Does not pay taxes, kills the bandits who intruded on its territory. Whether such people of modern Russia are necessary? Question, apparently, rhetorical.

Spartak. The slave who lifted revolt against legitimate authority. Burned down estates of rich Roman oligarchs and released other slaves.

Modern articles of the Criminal Code: extremism, robbery, murder. Life imprisonment - the smallest that expects Spartak in modern Russia.

Captain Nemo. Has own submarine. Means, the oligarch. But finances various revolutionary movements. Means, the oligarch - the Orangeman. Or to London to Berezovsky, or to Chita to Khodorkovsky.

Pavka Korchagin. Fights for world revolution. Builds a narrow-gage railway in inhuman conditions. Lives in poverty, but has ideals. Very not the glamourous character, that now not in fashion. The modern youth, probably, and has no idea who it in general. It is not demanded by modern society at all.

Dunno. Typical representative of not system opposition. It is creative, struggles with police officers and oligarchs. However, on the Moon. It is banished on the island of fools, but could be chosen from there. In modern Russia it is demanded, but can emigrate easily where - nibud in the balloon. To some Solar city.

Winnie - Down. Tried to take a little honey from those who above, but came to grief. Typical example of lack of social elevators. Will rescue only presence of friends. In modern Russia - the downshifter

the Baba-yaga. Rural pensioner. Lives without conveniences. Votes as it is necessary for small pension. It is demanded as electorate once a year.

Three athletes. Law enforcement agencies. Are demanded without any doubt. The increased monetary pay, but outdated arms.

A dragon - Gorynych. The flying flame thrower. Did not start “Mace“ in production yet it is useful to scare the NATO alliance.

Eugene Onegin. The boy - a major. It is glamourous, accepted in the high society, “as the dandy London is dressed“. Will quite fit into modern reality.

Chatsky. Then did not fit in and now will not fit in. It is too freethinking. To Dunno in not system opposition.

Chichikov Pavel Andreevich. Now just its time. Trade in dead souls (lime pipe dreams) in full blast. Can freely head a district cell of “United Russia“ where - nibud in Saratov. And to snub there Chatsky`s parnasovets.

Carlson. Modern Russian legislators would rank this man in the prime of life as pedophiles at once. And it is better for Carlson not to appear in the cultural capital of Russia by no means - St. Petersburg.

Invisible man. A fine way to hide from creditors, the tax inspection, traffic police and the state racket. Unambiguously - the most popular character in modern Russia.