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How to be an ideal neighbor?

Of course, with neighbors are desirable to live in the world. But, unfortunately, it not always turns out. Often we impose requirements to those who live near us, we complain of them to friends and relatives, but seldom we think of what they see us, and how to be an ideal neighbor.

U me acquaintances who very seldom lock a door are. Every time when I am at them on a visit, I meet their neighbors. Those come without knock and take that it is necessary to them. They know where the drill and sugar where there are laundry detergent and the vacuum cleaner lie. I so could not live, I have to have a personal space, I want to have an opportunity to stay alone and to communicate to a family without strangers. I am always glad to the neigbour, but the call to a door has to prepare me for her visit at least.

To be with neighbors in good relations and to be on friendly terms with them is different things. Sometimes importunity of neighbors crosses out all that good that in them is. To come to the neigbour on a coffee cup few times in a week - it is normal, but few times in day is already search, in any case, for me. House, work, family, relatives … I just have no time for an hour sit-round gathering and when at the same time also reciprocal visit is supposed!. The neigbour takes offense: “Why you to me do not come?“ And when to come if we already several times a day drive teas?! Not ideal I am a neigbour. It is impossible to me such to be.

Neighbors are envious. They smile at a meeting, but carefully monitor your acquisitions, the relations in a family, behavior of your children. It is unpleasant. It is even more unpleasant if on an envy wave neighbors begin to extend gossips about you. Envy does people irritable therefore any casual knock can be of you considered as intended actions for deprivation them, neighbors, rest. To fight against neighbour`s envy it is useless. Even if you will begin to divide everything that was got, acquired, deserved or found, in half, envy will only grow stronger.

There is a category of people who were never visited by thought of how to be an ideal neighbor. These are rowdies. They see shortcomings of everything, moreover, they specially try to discover them and, as a rule, find. Worst of all, if the rowdy besides - the person drinking. Here you need only to sympathize. If with the rowdy usual it is enough not to enter prepiraniye, then with drinking such trick will not pass. Your not conflictness will be regarded as “you do not respect me“.

How to be an ideal neighbor - a question difficult and simple. If you love loud music why it has to be pleasant to the person living behind a wall? If you are irritated by dirt why you allow the child to throw candy wrappers from candies in the elevator? Your guests have fun, and neighbour`s behave provocatively, your dog - the remarkable security guard, neighbour`s - the bag of wind barking in an occasion and without it...

Someone once thought up the phrase: “Do not choose the house, choose the neighbor! Whether“ It is simpler just to learn to get on with the people living nearby than to spend years for unpromising searches of ideal neighbors? Ideal people just are not.