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How to use curdled milk?

Despite the “simple“ name, curdled milk is not so simple: it possesses a set of useful properties and qualities. Its use in original state, without any processing, contributes to normalization of work of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract.

Along with use of medicines, it is useful to use curdled milk at colitis, gastritis, a hypertension, pancreatitis, diabetes and just in the absence of any diseases.

Curdled milk is especially valuable to the growing thin ladies. How to use curdled milk, we will consider below, I will tell one - using daily on one glass of curdled milk, you promote delay of process of aging of your organism. Not my words - words of the therapist …

How to make curdled milk in house conditions? Recipes of preparation set. From what ingredients are used as ferment, also taste of curdled milk depends. My favourite recipe: I take 3 liters of pasteurized milk, I boil and I cool up to the temperature of 36 - 40 degrees. I add 1,5 tablespoons of sour cream to milk, as much sugar and I mix. I wrap up to bank in a warm blanket and I leave in heat for the night (or light day). It is pleasant to drink curdled milk to me chilled after it stands several hours in the refrigerator.

You want to grow thin? the fine way how to use curdled milk for these purposes Is. Add the cucumber and a garden radish rubbed on a small grater to curdled milk, put greens to taste (on the fan, it is possible also without greens), a little bit salts there (well, absolutely a little bit that it was not really fresh) and replace with such “soup“ a habitual lunch or a dinner. Results will appear in a week.

How to use curdled milk for preparation of dishes? that from curdled milk tasty pancakes and fritters turn out, all know. It is possible to prepare a mannik . For preparation it is required: a glass of curdled milk, as much semolina, flour and icing sugar (it is possible also sand), 3 eggs, a raisin handful (it is possible without it), 100 grams of the kindled margarine and a soda teaspoon, extinguished vinegar. To carefully mix all ingredients and to lay out in a baking dish. To bake in an oven at a temperature of 160 degrees to readiness (about 45 minutes).

And still it is possible to use curdled milk for preparation of donuts, pies, cakes and even soup. I use curdled milk for preparation of okroshka, having replaced with it diluted with cold boiled water, kvass. Very tasty summer soup turns out. If to put ware with curdled milk in the microwave oven which power should be exposed no more than 700 W then remarkable house cottage cheese will turn out . The cottage cheese preparation time makes from 10 to 15 minutes of liter of curdled milk. You look at a consistence and when on a surface grains appear, cottage cheese is ready. Merge serum and enjoy taste of the freshest cottage cheese.

It is possible to make of the remained serum a mask for hands . Add a teaspoon of olive oil to serum and dip hands into warm liquid for five minutes. This mask will help to strengthen nails, to narrow pores and to make skin of hands soft.

Curdled milk and to hair will not damage . Apply warm curdled milk on hair and put on a polyethylene hat. In 15 minutes wash the head warm water. After several such masks hair will become strong and silky.

Curdled milk - a valuable and useful product for all our organism.