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Family arrangements on Hellingera in imagination. Whether it is effective?

Are system - family arrangements on Hellengera belong to the psychotherapeutic methods of group therapy helping to receive in a short space of time result, significant for the client. They are urged to help quickly and precisely to reveal a problem, to realize it and to pass to a new round of development, releasing the client space for new happy life.

But cannot estimate positive influence of this psychotherapeutic equipment, without having been influenced by its action. Without special difficulties it is possible to make it and independently, in own imagination.

The term “family arrangements“ was introduced into circulation approximately at the beginning of 80 - x years. The method is also known under names “arrangements on Hellingera“, “system family arrangements“, “is system - phenomenological approach“.

The essence of arrangements consists in a possibility of the client to solve the problem designated by him by search of the reason in its family tree where unresolved the vital task was shown by one or several generations in the present of the client. Thus, arrangement helps to contact with any ever living representative of a sort (family system) and to help “it“ (i.e. itself) to resolve the internal conflict which arose for any of several reasons now.

In initial option family arrangements are carried out in group where the psychotherapist (arranger) to each participant appoints a role of one of representatives of a family of the client. Right at the beginning the therapist asks the client to designate a problem and the desirable decision, and then to call people, important for it, and significant events in his lives, generations of his parents and generation of grandmothers and grandfathers. Based on these facts and on emotional reaction of the client, the therapist develops hypotheses of family dynamics (about the relations between relatives) and checks them in arrangement.

Then the client chooses from participants of group of deputies for himself and for significant members of his family and places them in physical space. The therapist is interested in their physical state, feelings and perception, checking so the hypothesis and finishing the ideas of dynamics in system often by addition of new deputies for the persons having significant effect on dynamics. After that on “the place“ arrangement is entered by the client. When everything is ready, the therapist asks some deputies of family members to say certain phrases or certain actions which help to bring closer the person to the solution of its problem.

Such method of family arrangements in group proved to this day works as an effective way of the solution of the problems caused often by the latent reasons which are covered not only in subconsciousness of the client, but also in subconsciousness of close relatives.

Such way to make psychotherapeutic treatment demands not only existence of group, but also readiness of the client to open the inner world before participants of group. Alternative is the method of family arrangements in imagination of the client where only the therapist and the client, and sometimes and his partner participate in conversation. Advantage of such approach is obvious as does not demand additional human resources and can strongly reduce time of carrying out arrangement. In this case all arrangement proceeds before an internal look of the client which it is necessary to sit in the place.

The famous German psychotherapist doctor Franke of Ursula is a founder of this direction in a method of system arrangements. Its book “Wenn ich die Augen schlie ß e, kann ich dich sehen“ (in Russian translation “When I close eyes, I see you“) helps us to understand an essence of this method and to apply this psychotherapeutic approach to the solution of the internal problems and problems with the outside world.

Itself to Franca Ursula works at department of clinical psychology of university ­ of Ludwig Maksimilian in Munich: holds seminars, a superviziya and ­ advanced training courses on family arrangements. Applying a method of arrangements in imagination, she helps people to solve their problems on individual sessions at personal meeting or by means of computer means of communication.

Having got experience of individual session, the person can then itself, on own initiative, to carry out family arrangements in own imagination to any desirable time. Having realized the reason of a problem and having revealed the family member through whom the problem influences his life, the person has to then in imagination it is time to represent various pictures of corporal or verbal interaction with the relative to those until one of them helps to contact with it that is followed by emotional splash, or a catharsis.

Further “conversation“ with the imagined relative has to bring the person to the solution of its problem, that is to understanding of the reason (to an insayt). Such unexpected break in own subconsciousness helps to see not so much the reason which is covered in an image of the relative, how many an essence of own problem which was created on the basis of incorrect vital installations and the principles underlain in the course of education or a course of life.

Strictly scientific a phenomenon explanation there are no “family arrangements“, but the saved-up experience for many years of application of this method showed that he is wealthy also in group psychotherapy, and in individual sessions with application of arrangement in imagination.

Source: Ursula Franke. When I close eyes, I see you.