Rus Articles Journal

Thousand meanings

In one thousand meanings game -
Gallery of my verses. the Silver needle
In air the sum of the words
as signs - it is easy. I
Will present to
of the Septuagint a track - far
In last layers of life.
of 70 wise men,
of 70 powerful books.
I who such is
to Realize our reality into language?
In one thousand meanings game -
Glaring, not simple -
But is not time to leave
to me the world live yet.

* * * at
mushrooms grow In old entrenchments,
of Malines grows sometimes.
As though here fallen - paws of destiny
are not representable - hey yeah! -
of Comers want to treat here, Gifts by it bearing
from the earth.
For us, for us continue to live,
Kohl we could not.
Is tasty raspberry, mushrooms are big -
Posthumous left gift. their whisper I hear
- We are close to you,
Though we learned a nightmare -
the war Nightmare which absorbed us
We nearby! Thank you,
That you came to the wood!
I prayer now.
Grows to my lips

* * *
Latanny - perelatanny,
Life the most zaplatanny,
Continuing to live -
Puganny Enriched with experience,
many times footfall
of Troubles whose is known speed.
Latanny, perelatanny, Plans forgotten - as supposedly you
it will embody
Light in soul nevertheless glimmers -
Reaches for the sky as the tree, Wants
in wise calm.

* * *
On asphalt worms and leaves,
of the Smoke over stadium.
As in a mirror to be reflected by
In asphalt dadeno to maples.
Is warm October in the middle,
Is scattered gold much.
Ah, would be from now on
Gold the human road.

* * *
Life imitates poets. Poplar I it understood
Raznotravyem sounding in the summer, Kohl verses about it remembered
Because life imitates poets,
Because the word is sacral in fact.
Before it secret light
of Zverovidnaya darkness gives in.

* * *
the Semi-erased churches of a step -
I will remember the sad romance:
Here wedding - however, and shadows:
mismatch is habitual for us.

There were the official sentimental
Perhaps I? Idly came into church.
As is solemn, so and the ceremony is banal
Here. The priest is bulky, heavy.

Or I come into Sluchevsky the text?
Or from days of Dostoyevsky I?
not strongly interfering In life others,
the Measure is full the life.

What in vain the maiden was ruined,
will be told by someone hardly All the same
of the Candle shine. Also forces are spent.
Will be farther fun, wine.

Farther there will be I to the stone city,
Lanes will wander.
I from the bridge I will look to the river - at that here
As could reflect heaven.