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Perhaps to be enough to shout at children?!

On the street be touched to the picture: the man of years of thirty, decent look, sat down on hunkers near the little girl, as like as two peas similar to it, embraced, kissed. And suddenly I hear his cry: ah you, rubbish, the father do not kiss! There is a reptile!!!
On the beach of Cyprus, having become weary on the sun, regained consciousness from heart-rending shout: “Moron! Sand outlined on a cover how I will lie, cattle?!“
I Open eyes and I see “the moron and cattle“ years of six. The tow-haired scared boy, in ochyochka, with a shovel in hands.
At the international airports it is not necessary to be afraid to get lost, safely go there where shout at children. Only “our“ people afford it.
is Told by the actress Zhanna EPPLE:
- I grew in a so-called incomplete family. Parents left,
when to me was three years and to support the tolerable
level of life, mother had to work hard, it for me the speech pathologist, work nervous when came late at night home, to talk to me it sometimes just had no forces.
Ya grew at the timid girl, for some reason was afraid of everything and very much worried from - for the big nose. Always it seemed to me that I the ugliest on light. And the most unfortunate. Also dreamed that mother will give up work and will be always with me. That it will play with me in dolls, to embrace, braid braids, to read books. Having been lost in day-dreams, I represented: here now the door will open, and my mother will enter, and I will be glad to me, will embrace and will press to itself.
But opened a door, and other mother tired and izderganny, with the tired, angry face entered absolutely. She lowered grocery string-bags on a floor, sat down on a chair in a corridor, began to smoke a cigarette and looked in a wall as though I am not on light. Such minutes I very much wanted to cry. Sometimes I could not constrain tears, and, certainly, got it hot for “snivels and slobber“. Irina Ponarovskaya told
here such wild story: it was years six when mother in day of her birth, told: there is no
- nevertheless it is good that I did not make abortion …. To you I had to do it and children were not born. And here left you. Ever since she hates the birthdays, never celebrates them. one man writes
To LJ:“ kind“ mother here that told it. “You were born
very weak and painful and in general it is the father insisted on childbirth. And me was already 35 and I was not going to have more children and many abortions at me was and health was not really. So that you were ill in the childhood and at childbirth almost much that did not die, doctors by miracle pumped out“.
Ya sat with opened from surprise and a mouth, having grown dumb in a stupor with such unprecedented impudence, she practically admitted that she was ready to kill me, as well as other my not born brothers and sisters and said directly it to me and without any confusion, a regret or sense of guilt.
They say that not born babies in a womb feel as people around and mother concern to them. And it can affect their further health and development.
Quite right! All unwanted children, if learn a sad story of the birth, grow up diffident and (or) embittered … by
What at us, parents, in general with the heads - that? If your child why to someone, and especially to him, about it the nobility is casual?! And if gave rise, get it together and stop bringing down own misses, failures and bad mood on the unfortunate children. There will be enough freaks in our distressful country …