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What fed the Kid and Carlson with? Part 2

So, we come back to favourite fantastic heroes from Sweden. Or rather, to dishes which Carlson ate without analysis and the Kid dreamed to give somebody, if only is not most...

to the Kid did not like stuffed cabbage . He ate only a stuffing, and tried to feed the rest slowly to the puppy sitting under a table. For those who love stuffed cabbage, suggest to prepare.

To sort a cabbage head of cabbage on leaves (top are no good) and to boil minutes five in boiled water. It is important that leaves were not digested and did not begin to remind rags. To boil rice in water and to cool. To mix mincemeat with rice, to hammer egg, to pour in a little milk, will add spice and to mix. The stuffing should not be very dense.

To put a stuffing on a cabbage leaf and to turn an envelope. To fry envelopes on the one hand to a rumyanost (to put on a frying pan a seam down). To shift them to the oiled deep baking sheet a seam down. In a frying pan with oil to pour in water, to bring to boiling, to fill in with it stuffed cabbage. To extinguish in an oven of minutes 40 - 45. As required to add water from a frying pan and cabbage broth.

To shift ready stuffed cabbage to a dish, from them to pour gravy in a frying pan, at small boiling to thicken and water with it stuffed cabbage.

But both friends did not refuse apple baked pudding with vanilla sauce .

To peel apples of a peel, to remove a core and to cut small. To weld rather thin sugar syrup and to stew in it apples, periodically stirring slowly. To pound the softened butter with sugar and an egg yolk. To pour in lemon juice, to pour flour, the crushed nuts (almonds are better), a lemon dried peel. To beat egg white with icing sugar, to add to future baked pudding. To grease a form for roasting with butter, to lay apples, from above to pour out the received weight. To bake half an hour at 180 degrees.

Vanilla sauce for baked pudding is cooked so. To dissolve potato starch with cold milk, to shake up a nimbus and to boil 2-3 minutes. To add sugar and vanillin, to cool.

To Carlson liver pate and baked apples pleased .

To warm olive oil on a frying pan, to kindle in the same place creamy. To fry in it is mute onions half rings. To onions to lay out liver pieces, to fry minutes 5-7. To pour in cognac or rum and to hold on fire, stirring slowly until liquid is evaporated. To add dense cream and to boil still a couple of minutes. To knead a fork. And it is better to grind in the blender to uniformity. To lay out paste in molds. To kindle butter, to remove the top yellow layer, to cover with it paste and to bake in an oven of minutes 10.

To peel apples a narrow knife of a core, without cutting them. To boil thoroughly a couple of minutes in negustomsakharny syrup. To take out and lay in the oiled form. To the place of a core to enclose raisin, nuts, other dried fruits to taste.

To shake up egg with sugar and lemon juice, to fill in with it the laid apples and to bake 10-12 minutes in strongly warmed oven.

And you remember that Froken Bock became the leader of culinary transfer and outdid the arrogant sister Frida? It happened after she fed the teleeditor with most tasty meat sauce with seasonings . In vain Carlson and the Kid refused sauce, having called it “fox poison“.

Large pieces of meat (it is better) to salt, pepper, roll in pork in flour and to fry in oil to a ruddy crust. In the same oil to fry onions, garlic, a ginger root, carrots. To boil tomato juice. On a pan bottom with thick walls and a thick bottom to lay out pieces of the tomatoes peeled of a peel, from above to lay meat and vegetables, to fill in with tomato juice and to extinguish about one and a half hours on the smallest fire under a cover.

And what the domomuchitelnitsa treated the uncle Julius who arrived on a visit to? Veal chops .

To salt, pepper, beat off and to put pieces of veal for a couple of hours in the refrigerator. To shake up eggs with flour and breadcrumbs, to dunk each otbivnushka and to fry to a rumyanost under a cover. If to give at once, then chops will be crackling. If you want soft chops, then they need to be put in a pan, to water with lemon juice and to take in a hot oven.

In vain the uncle Julius said that to a chicken whose leg he ate around “was executed years five“. Fried on - Swedish a chicken - actually very gentle dish.

To rub a carcass of a chicken with salt from all directions, to put in a pan or a form with high walls, to zarumyanit. To take out chicken, to cut on pieces. To put the cut onions in the juice emitted from it, to fry it, to pour flour, to stir, add sour cream, to stir once again. If necessary to add water or broth. To put pieces of chicken back in a pan and to extinguish to softness. Ready chicken to take out, water with lemon juice. To filter the turned-out sauce and a tax to chicken.

And still the uncle Julius was treated with a cutlet .

To fry cutlets in a small amount of oil. To mix grated cheese, breadcrumbs, small cut garlic, dry greens, crude egg, vegetable oil. To cover with this mix cutlets from all directions.

To lay out on a baking sheet and to bake in an oven to readiness. In the course of preparation it is necessary to turn several times cutlets that they were fried thoroughly evenly.

But of a chocolate pudding to them did not get. Still, Carlson sat at a table!

To dissolve potato starch in a glass of cold milk. To bring other glass of milk to boiling, to add cocoa, sugar, cinnamon, vanillin. A thin stream to pour in milk with starch, constantly stirring slowly. To cook on the smallest fire, stirring slowly, minutes 10, before solidification. To spread out on ice-cream bowls, to strew with grated chocolate, cinnamon, sugar, to put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

I hope, it was interesting to you to take a walk in pages of the most famous Swedish fairy tale.