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What fed the Kid and Carlson with? Part 1

you Remember the remarkable fantastic story about “the man in the blossoming of forces“ who above all liked to eat and play pranks, and about the little fair-haired blue-eyed boy? I think, you remember.

Ya leafed through the book recently and thought that honor on each page or Carlson drags off any yum-yum, or the Kid misses over a plateful. Began to look through the text and found in it a mention of more than two tens various dishes. So, than mother and a domomuchitelnitsa of the Kid and Carlson fed?

First of all - meat teftelk . Carlson decorated with them a tower from cubes and ate them greedily at a table.

To fill in ground crackers with fat milk or cream, to allow them to absorb liquid. To crush onions. To mix to uniformity beef (a swine - beef) forcemeat, onions, crackers, to hammer egg, to add spice to taste. Moist hands to form balls with a diameter of 3-4 cm. To fry them in oil on a frying pan, to shift in other ware. Oil in which teftelk were fried to filter and again to pour out in a frying pan. To pour couple of spoons of flour into this oil, to stir up to uniformity. To pour there in a glass of broth from beef bones, to cook before solidification. It will be gravy to meatballs. It is necessary to give teftelk in a sauce with berries of red currant, cowberry, a cranberry or with other sour berries.

Offered the friends of the Kid, Krister and Gunille staying with him pea soup and pancakes .

To wet dry yellow peas in cold water for 10-12 hours. To cast away on a colander. To cook in the added some salt water hour. To add bell pepper, buds of a dried carnation, other spices to taste. To put whole a bulb and carrot, pork brisket one piece. To cook an hour more. To take out and cut meat and vegetables, to return in soup. To switch off fire and a tax.

For pancakes to shake up yolks with sugar, a salt pinch, warm milk. To add flour, to stir carefully. To beat whites, to add them to dough. To pour in a spoon of the kindled butter. To fry so: at first on the one hand, after to put pancake in half directly on a frying pan and to fry on both sides.

And after a lunch the family of the Kid drank of coffee with buns with cinnamon .

To drench a glass with boiled water and on 3/4 to fill with black hot coffee. To pour sugar to taste, to add punch. To mix. To decorate from above with a pyramid from whipped cream and to strew with cinnamon. To give with a straw.

For buns to part yeast in a small amount of milk, it is the best of all “live“. To kindle butter and to shake up with warm milk and sugar. To pour in milk with yeast, to shake up a nimbus. To mix with flour. To knead elastic dough and to allow it to approach about half an hour. To roll dough in layers. To spread each layer with the kindled oil, to have a sleep sugar and cinnamon, to curtail roll. To cut roll on chunks, to lay out for the baking sheet laid by parchment paper and to allow to approach still. To bake at a temperature about 230 degrees. To allow to cool down under a towel.

And you remember, than “the most sick Carlson in the world“ recovered? Macaroon goods .

To mix flour with ground cardamom and salt. To shake up the softened butter with sugar, egg, vanilla, a lemon dried peel. To mix liquid and dry components, to knead uniform dough. To add the crushed sweet almonds. To form from the sausages test, to send to the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. To cut “sausage“ on cookies about 1 cm thick, to sugar. To bake on parchment paper of 20-25 minutes.

On birthday of the Kid mother served to birthday hot chocolate pie .

To shake up egg, sugar and mayonnaise. To add the softened margarine, not extinguished soda and flour. To knead elastic dough. To separate and freeze its small piece. To lay out other dough in a baking dish, having lifted edges. To smear with dense jam or jam. Jam with syrup does not approach. To rub the frozen piece of the test on a large grater and to evenly distribute a krupka on all surface of jam. To bake 20-30 minutes on average fire.

For hot chocolate to shake up heavy cream, cocoa - powder, sugar, a butter piece, vanillin and ground ginger. To warm up to weak bubbles on a water bath. Not to boil strongly! Time of warming up depends on what density you want to receive chocolate. To pour on the warmed-up cups.

And by day of the arrival “moderately well-fad person“ waited for cake with whipped cream .

To beat whites to the strongest foam, to gradually pour icing sugar. Continuing to shake up, add a vinegar spoon, pounded nuts. To lay out the turned-out foam in the form of a nest (a circle with deepening in the middle) on the baking sheet laid by paper. 30 minutes to bake at 140 degrees. After to reduce temperature to 100 degrees and to bake 30 more minutes. Then to clean fire, to slightly open a door of an oven and to seize a basis for cake within 15-20 minutes.

To shake up heavy cream to splendor. The they will be fatter and colder, the better will be shaken up. To cover completely cooled down cake with cream and to decorate with fruit and berries. To leave in the refrigerator for the night.

In difference from Carlson, the Kid could stay long over a plateful, without having desire is. Especially if for lunch there were a cauliflower , a boiled cod , vegetable soup or herring cutlets .

But to you - that these dishes can be pleasant therefore I will give them here. To shake up egg with a spoon of flour and grated cheese. To dunk the boiled cauliflower inflorescences into the turned-out batter and to fry in the warmed oil.

Vegetable soup cooks on vegetable broth. In boiled water to put the cut bulb and a stalk of a celery, grated carrots. In about 10 minutes to add the quarters of tomatoes cleared of a thin skin and a cauliflower. To put greens in ready soup.

For herring cutlets to soak the peeled light-salted herring in milk. To rinse and to cut small. To cut and fry a bulb. To soak in water and to wring out bread. Potato “in a uniform“ to clear, knead a fork. From everything listed to vent forcemeat, to hammer egg and to add sour cream. Once again to vent and cut cutlets. To roll in in flour and to fry in oil on small fire. To give with potato or rice in sour sauce.

To be continued!