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Whether really to take a young family the apartment in a mortgage?

to the Mortgage in Russia were 15 years old recently. Age, we will tell directly, children`s. In the USA, for example, the mortgage exists 75 years. At the same time, the mortgage lending Agency, the principal Russian organ on this matter, informs us on growth of a share of the apartments acquired by means of a mortgage.

So, in comparison with crisis 2009, from its 15% of total sales of housing on a mortgage, in 2012 this indicator reached 40%. There is a question whether really to the average Russian to take the apartment in a mortgage, and, first of all, to a young family which is in great need in own housing?

Conditions of receiving a mortgage to young families at us in the country, directly to tell, very heavy. Whether it is possible to take it a mortgage and to pay off on it for many years? Let`s give approximate calculation for the capital region.

For normal life the young family consisting from 3 - x the person (the husband, the wife and the small child) needs the apartment with a total area not less than 54 - x sq.m. Let this married couple work, and everyone receives a salary, average for Moscow, that is on 42 300 rubles. Whether really to take them housing in a mortgage?

At an average market rate on a mortgage loan in 12% 15 years are considered the optimum term of its payment. The initial contribution seldom happens less than 50%. In this case it is not so simple to young family to take a mortgage. Besides and the overpayment on it considerably will grow.

We will pass to real estate cost in the Moscow region. The average price of square meter in new buildings in the sector located between the third transport ring and MKAD makes at the moment 166 thousand rubles; outside Moscow in 5 km from MKAD - 85 thousand rubles; further away - 65 thousand rubles.

If the mentioned young couple wishes to take the apartment in a mortgage in city line, then any bank will not grant the loan to them because of the low income. Really, monthly payments for a mortgage will make in this case more than 53 thousand rubles and will exceed 45% of their income.

Well, then let will try to buy housing outside MKAD, but not really it is far. In this case this young family should pay for the apartment in a month a third of the real income, namely 27 thousand rubles. If to get far away and to buy real estate in one of the cities situated near Moscow, then payment for a mortgage will make 21 thousand rubles, that is a quarter of their monthly income.

For comparison we will give conditions of receiving a mortgage in Germany. The same young family in Berlin will pay for the similar apartment no more than 10-12% of the cumulative income at the mortgage rate in 4-5% a year.

Why in Germany and in other countries of Europe and furthermore in the USA, the mortgage is available to ordinary citizens, and at us is not present? All the matter is that in the Russian cities and furthermore in Moscow, the cost of square meter of housing in new buildings exceeds many times an average salary. Therefore a problem not in high bank rates on a mortgage (12,2-12,6%). At current bid of refinancing in 8,25% which is defined by the state, they not such and high. Consider them as the inflationary amendment.

How to force to become cheaper square meters of housing under construction? There is an old checked way. That any made product became cheaper, the thicket should consume it. Then it will be more favorable to seller not to raise the price by him, and to make him in mass quantity and a thicket to sell.

We will wait as early as years 20. Perhaps, then the young family will be able really to take the apartment in a mortgage. However, by then it will be already elderly.