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How not to lose money on Forex?

How not to lose money on Forex?
come To the market neither the silly, nor the poor taken place businessmen, but not a rarity when leave exchange business, having lost the most part of the saved-up means and having been disappointed in many beliefs.

Each exchange speculator asks a question how not to lose money at the exchange how to become the successful trader of the market Forex. The purpose of 99% of participants of the financial market - to earn money, disregarding love to this occupation. They speculate in the market, proceeding from belief “Forex gives a large number of opportunities to earn big money, disregarding specifics of work of the trader“. Millions of people lose money at the exchange, and only the limited number of traders - professionals bring money at the end of the month home.

The discipline is the work key to success at the exchange. Making disciplines of trade it is possible to call the following components:
• psychological skill,
• the principle “one man is no man“,
• a time - management,
• risk - management,
• attract - management.

The knowledge of essence of the person, understanding of regularities of human mentality, skills of management of and kontrolproiskhodyashchy situations give enormous advantage which is owned by 5% of the participants of the financial market who are steadily earning from the exchange.

“One man is no man“ - an axiom which is actual in this sphere. The most part of the traders who achieved success works in team - a proptrading, the dealing centers, a hedge funds, investment funds, association of traders. It is not enough desire to achieve success, there are factors which influence from the outside result.

System the risk - management governed, attract - management it is necessary, but several skilled assistants from outside see more and can help to change result to the best. Work of the trader has to be systematic, rationally planned. The speculator to dolzhendeystvovat according to the plan of day, the developed strategy, grow every day. The accurate action plan and the list of rules which are followed strictly will provide the disciplined trade - it is, in turn, “will cut down losses and will leak profit“ - what all successful stockbrokers go on about. All losses once were insignificant, it is impossible to allow prevysheniyepoter money which you also limit.

Not everyone can be engaged in trade of securities - this fact is ignored by the most part of participants of the market, convincing itself that this their calling, lifestyle. Speculation in the financial markets is not game in a casino, to control emotions - the first that the trader has to be able. Timely reaction to macroeconomic indicators, the graphic, technical analysis - the standard tools of the trader bringing desired result taking into account their competent use. It is simple to trade at the exchange, but to earn extremely not easy. Many traders earn several years nothing. Before the period of stable profitable transactions begins, there passes time, bitter experience is saved up. In the history of trading was that after five successful years of trading the black strip of losses begins.