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What to do with serum?

Serum - one of the most useful products of processing of milk. It is applied both in cookery, and in medicine, and in cosmetology. Curative properties of serum were used still by Hippocrates, and the modern medicine recognizes it as excellent means for treatment and prevention of many diseases, beginning from stresses and neurosises and finishing with skin diseases. If you regularly prepare for

houses cottage cheese, then do not hurry to pour out what remained after its preparation. Not really appetizing by sight, serum is extremely useful. If your house already refuse farinaceous food, so it is time for such remarkable product to look for other application. By the way, dough on serum turns out magnificent and tasty, the pastries from it long do not harden, and thanks to the low caloric content of a basis - serums, a product on it it is more preferable than fancy bread. But what to do with serum if overconsumption of pies, pancakes and cheesecakes began to be reflected in a figure and health? On serum cook okroshka, fill in with it muesli. In some national cuisines serum - a basis of soups, including berry and fruit. Serum and in drinks is good. From it cook cocktails, kissels, jelly and, of course, drink in pure form.

Serum is shown at many diseases. With its help it is possible to normalize intestinal microflora, to adjust digestion, to strengthen immunity. Serum - a fine product for fasting days. It helps to lose also excess weight, and to revitalize an organism as affects intestines like the good hostess who undertook clear-out: serum will clean all unnecessary, at the same time will give to an organism all useful.

Usual serum also kills headaches, both intestines clear, and hemorrhoids treat. It will help to eliminate perspiration of legs and hands, to cure seborrhea and to strengthen hair. If you do not know what to do with serum, add it to a bathtub and gain the good rejuvenating effect. The matter is that serum contains the amino acids necessary for regeneration of skin. Speak, the secret of beauty of Cleopatra was that she regularly took baths with serum. On a usual bathtub there is enough couple of liters of this product. For bigger effect it is possible to add honey, previously having parted it either in water, or in a small amount of warm serum. And if to this structure to add sea salt!. Eh, ours knowledge and to put into practice, it would be possible to compete also with Cleopatra. It is necessary - that all minutes twenty free time! And how many means it is possible to save!

After long holidays serum - the first business. Not for us, of course, and for guests who do not know when to stop. What else can be done with serum? Some car owners clean it a radiator. Of course, to experiment with expensive foreign car hardly anyone - that will become, but products of the Soviet automotive industry maintain also not it. Experts do not recommend to use this way, I gave it only to show, the range of application of unfairly forgotten product is how wide.

Serum of various producers has different taste and a smell. If you did not like taste, try to buy production of other trademark. I love serum, with pleasure I drink it, especially in the summer when hot. Unfortunately, it does not approach type of my skin, in particular, I tried to add it to a face pack and found out that for dry skin it is better to use milk. And here trays for hands and legs to me and my skin very much were pleasant. Therefore, for the first time using serum as cosmetic, make the test on a small site of skin. By the way, it should be done always when you use some means for the first time.