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How to choose a good thermos? Already I will also not remember

Ya how many at me was thermoses. At one time I had to drive about quite often over the country, and on distant automobile trips not to do without thermos. Today the thermos is practically in each house, it is used, as a rule, in order that hotter remained hot as long as possible.

At the same time a thermos remarkably keeps cold products and drinks cold, but very few people use this its property.

Anyway, the question of how to choose a good thermos, is actual for many. The main criteria of a good thermos are as follows: it has to “hold“ long temperature and should not proceed. Besides the main requirements there are also additional. They are caused by in what conditions it is planned to operate a thermos and that in it will remain.

The most popular are two types of thermoses - for drinks and food. There are still versions, for example, a thermos - a mug or a soup thermos, but they differ from initial types, generally purely externally. The thermos for drinks has a narrow neck, small diameter of the cylinder and a stopper (cover) with the valve or without it. Diameter of a food thermos is more, and the neck is much wider, than at a thermos for drinks. Sometimes these thermoses are completed with tableware. When you begin to choose between a food thermos with a fork and a spoon and without those, quietly choose the second option. In - the first, it is not really convenient to use them, in - the second, they fasten to the case of a thermos and often disturb when laying things in a car luggage carrier. And here several containers in which it is possible to put different products superfluous will not be.

Thermoses for drinks can have a glass flask or metal. To answer a question of how to choose a good thermos, it is necessary to know for what purposes it will be used. If you are going to make in it fragrant herbal teas, then choose a thermos with a glass flask. She, of course, cannot compete with metal on durability, but considerably surpasses it in a gigiyenichnost. In such thermos there will be no that specific smell which arises in a metal flask over time and if it appears, then it is possible just to buy a new flask.

You should not buy a thermos with a glass (mirror) flask for trips and campaigns. If it is equipped with a classical stopper, then will proceed, besides risk to break glass is very big. I remember how absolutely new thermos did not reach to the destination literally 300 meters. We went to winter fishing, and near the reservoir the car got to the track which is swept up by snow. The thermos jumped up and … spread a pool under my legs. It is good that boots were waterproof, and that it should come back home. At “minus twenty“ in wet footwear you do not resemble!

How to choose a good thermos if you are going to use it actively? In - the first, I would advise to choose the checked brands. Let you pay a little more, but will get really good thing which will serve you not one year. There are several producers specializing in release of thermoses. Here their production also should be chosen. In - the second, upon purchase shake a thermos. If something jingles inside, even absolutely slightly - slightly, do not take it. Look, how well and densely the cover twists. If it is just inserted how a stopper, the thermos can proceed, the twisting cover is more reliable.

Upon purchase of a thermos it is possible to define of what metal it is made. At first sight - all of them brilliant and beautiful, here only hold temperature for some reason differently. I love things heavy. Time is a metal, it should not weigh as plastic. Perhaps, I am not right, but, buying a thermos, I choose that which is heavier. Can confirm quality of metal and began to smell. Open a thermos and smell, than smells from a flask. If a smell unpleasant, you do not buy a thermos. Further - at a good thermos if in it to pour boiled water, temperature of the case will not change. And it is one more way to check quality of purchase. One is bad - in shop nobody will allow to fill in in a thermos boiled water to you.

As soon as there were thermoses from a stainless steel, I at once bought a product of one of the most famous producers. This thermos serves my family to this day, the others - either “were lost“, or did not pass test and were given away by that who does not measure (as my family) time in kilometers, and uses a thermos only occasionally on days off.