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Hastl? Dance on health!

Dance are the most pleasant and revitalizing sport. On occupations by dances you are able to afford to distract from cares, to relax, concentrate on music, on the feelings, to have a good time in a circle of supporters, to express all thoughts and desires by means of the body. Having learned to dance

, the person opens in himself the new world and can share it with people around.

Today all already know that dance revitalizes also a body, and I smother. Why? Because dance allows music to get into your body. There is such conventional practice - a muzykoterapiya thanks to which it is possible to treat some diseases, to restore composure and internal harmony.

However it is insufficiently simple to listen to music. That it is the most effective to influence an organism, music has to “pass“ through your body. And she has to make this trip correctly. If you spend a little time and forces on development of Basic Elements of dance, then will be able to enjoy a current of music fully.

Dancing alone, you can learn new surprising emotions, however pair dances have even more tremendous improving effect. Man`s and female began opposite vibrations, intertwining in dance, are imposed at each other and release at a resonance those energy which consumption is most of all necessary for an organism.

However the dances based on continuous repetition of the same movement or the same scheme can quickly bother, you will begin to be tired of monotonous music, and your body most likely will react with back or waist pain.

Therefore I want to tell you about an opportunity to learn to dance one of the most improvisational pair social dances. You can begin to dance hastl and will allow thus the organism to receive new streams of improving energy.

What for an animal such - “õàñòë“? It is one of the easiest pair dances in development. Any of you is capable to learn to dance it as in this dance there are no learned schemes and accurate rules which need to be observed without fail. There is a certain set of movements which you easily learn for several occupations. It will be necessary only to dare to dream and listen to music further, to build the movement under a certain rhythm, and all - you a dance floor star.

Of course if you want to participate in competitions in a hastl, you will more deeply need to study technology of the movements and to penetrate into subtleties of creation of composition on performances, however for pleasure dance simply in a circle of friends at a party to learn the basic movements and to learn will get to a rhythm more than enough. The main thing, hastl it is possible to dance practically to any music, and it means - you have full freedom to improvise together and to create new unique tremendous dance every time!

It is not necessary to be engaged in Hastl since the childhood is not ballroom dances. To begin to dance hastl it is possible literally at any age! In hastl already quite mature, successful men, in Russia usually after 20-25 years, and abroad after 35 come. There are many representatives of that fine age when you “in the raztsvet of forces“ as Carlson spoke.

The main reason for popularity of a hastl among people of all age - speed of studying. To learn it is quite good to dance, it is necessary within several months on two - three times a week to train on occupations hastl - club and to go on hastl - discos, and in a year you will be able to learn to dance really beautifully and stylishly. The result will surpass all your expectations!

Hastl - pair dance - improvisation for those who love (or dreams) to dance and wants to dance directly where this desire “overtook“ it: in a disco crowd, between little tables of cafe, the house under radio or in an underground passage under music from a booth, - where you wanted, with the one whom you chose, under the song which “hooked“ on you. Both the partner, and a melody can even be absolutely unfamiliar to you.

Actually, the main baggage of a hastl - not choreography, but repertoire and skills of dancing communication. Also for the sake of this communication it is worth trying to force to reach training, you can meet there not only the future friends, but also the love!

You will be shocked, but literally for 2 years in Moscow about 30 couples which got acquainted on the hastl found family happiness and in St. Petersburg the statistics of the lucky persons who met the darlings exactly thanks to a hastl already is replenished. And what can influence health, than love more favorably?

And communication with friends from hastl - a circle brings too the mass of positive emotions which affect also your general psychological spirit, and a physical state as the organism produces endorphin or “pleasure hormone“ which well influences on immune and nervous systems.

Hastl is an also fine means which will relieve you of complexes and uncertainty in itself, and also will help to cope with depressions or just bad mood. Dance allows to tell people around about the experiences and feelings, it opens what hides in subconsciousness depths, and, perhaps, is the true reason of psychological discomfort.

We not always decide to admit to ourselves and furthermore to people around in own feelings. However the love, hatred, sympathy, admiration and still many other emotions - all this can be transferred through dance. Dances sometimes treat to a shower better, than words. You represent what improving effect can have beautiful effective dance together with darling?

Summing up the results, I can tell that everyone in this life, of course, chooses occupation for himself: someone sings, someone dances, someone plays a violin, someone - on nerves. In the our century full of various stresses, some outlet is simply necessary for the person.

Follow my advice: music and dance - an old proven means for calm of sincere chaos and, probably, one of the most pleasant: it can be divided with favourite people.

Hastl - one of the easiest and fast-studied dances. And, above all - to dance hastl, neither the special place, nor special clothes or footwear is necessary, sometimes even music is not necessary,

needs just desire to dance … In a word, dance on health!