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First dance of newly married. Let`s rehearse?

Planning a wedding, newlyweds try to think over each trifle that everything passed smoothly and beautifully. But quite often it turns out that they remember one remarkable tradition only while the leader declares: “And now... first dance of newly married!“

On traditions, dance of newlyweds is opened by wedding “ball“. Why it is worth being prepared for it? At least because you and your family will remember this dance well. It is unlikely it will be pleasant to you to remember how this gala and romantic day you sadly shifted from one foot to the other. To revise such video and years later it will not want to show it to children too, definitely. That your first dance “took place“, take my advice.

It is better to begin preparation of the first dance not with searches of the choreographer, and with viewing of videos from weddings of other couples. It is easy to find them in the Internet. You need to decide what will be dance - slow or incendiary (or perhaps you want to combine both options). As soon as the rhythm is defined, you can choose style. If to you to liking slow speed, consider a waltz, to a point, a foxtrot, slow hastl if you are attracted by more dynamic dances, pay attention to salsa, a jive, a tango, a swing. At the choice consider what dress the bride will have. Magnificent and long - not for active dances.

The following step - the choice of music. The main condition - she has to be pleasant, “bring“ you, awaken desire to move. It is not obligatory that music was from the list of “wedding melodies“. It can be the song with which you connected good memories or maybe just beautiful melody which you heard on radio recently. If all of you are at a loss with the choice, ask to help you the person “with experience“ - the leader, the DJ, the choreographer. Any of them cannot choose for you several melodies in the necessary style.

Further start rehearsals. I advise to begin their minimum a month before a wedding. Such term is necessary for your body to remember the movements at the level of muscles. Of course, it is possible to put composition and to learn it and for several days, but then the probability is high that all dance you will think only of correctness of movements, but not of the soulmate and not of what is the tremendous moment.

To begin rehearsals, it is necessary to choose the choreographer who will help you with statement. How to make it? Council as simple - choose that with whom it is pleasant to you to communicate. With the choreographer you will spend much time, and in quite close contact therefore if you feel discomfort, do not hesitate to refuse services and to find someone another. All memories of preparation of the first dance have to be same pleasant as he and your wedding in general!

What it is necessary to take with itself on the first occupation and what not to forget to report to the teacher about? In - the first, capture with yourself good mood! Without it dance will not turn out such fine as you would like also your choreographer. In - the second, take convenient footwear and clothes (any new shoes which rub, and any tight jeans in which it is difficult even to go not that to dance). Surely report to the choreographer about what will be the platform for the first dance (in a form and the size), and also tell about injuries which you once got - it will help to avoid “dangerous“ movements.

It is necessary to rehearse not only on occupations with the choreographer, but also at home, independently. Than bigger number of times you will dance the composition, that will think less of the movements in the wedding day. The result depends not only on talent and efforts of the choreographer, but also on your diligence!

On the last rehearsals it is useful to dance composition in wedding footwear and, whenever possible, in wedding dresses. Happens, already at the last minute it becomes clear that to move to them as it was conceived, it is just impossible (for example, the magnificent skirt or, on the contrary, a dress too narrow does not allow). If the bride does not want that the groom saw her in a dress to a wedding, it is possible to ask it to leave for a while the hall, and the bride will dance with the teacher. The “inconvenient“ movements it is necessary to replace or pick up other dress for dance.

In the wedding day worry less. Remember that nobody, except you and your choreographer, knows what have to be the movements and what their sequence. Even if you were mistaken a little, be not confused and do not stop - dance further! Your family anyway will support you. Smile each other and enjoy the first dance as the husband and the wife!