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What video recorders are?

Many motorists were convinced that acquisition and installation of the video recorder (BP) can bring big benefit. Usually BP represents itself the small device with a tiny chamber, the screen and the accumulator for autonomous work. Not a novelty of BP with GPS and the accelerometer. But there are models which very strikingly differ from this classical representation.

What else video recorders are?

Special according to constructive decisions

Happen BP without screens and even without accumulator. An example - Full HD registrar BlackVue DR400G - HD II. Such unusual approach is realized by the Korean company, quite famous in the world, but only recently entered the Russian market. Without screen and the accumulator of BP it turned out very compact though in it GPS and the accelerometer is established. It eats from an automobile network.

Also the control of the device is unusually realized - it can be synchronized with the personal computer and to adjust through Windows, and it is possible through any Android - the device, having downloaded previously from Google Play the corresponding application.

By the way, this BP - one of the few registrars with glass optics. In it the special lens from the brightened-up glass thanks to which, according to the statement of the producer, quality of shooting in the conditions of bad illumination improves is established.

Video recorders about a radar - the detector

Such BP meet quite often, but they are not so widespread as far as models with GPS and G - a sensor. The built-in radar - the detector can define the majority of chambers and stationary radar which are used by traffic police, and notifies the driver on approach to them. And if in BP also GPS is established, then the device can remember an installation site of a radar or at its definition to rely not only on radiation, but also on the kept points where a radar was established earlier. Examples: Globex HD - 119, Highscreen BlackBox Radar - HD, Intego VX - 450R.

Video recorders with several chambers

Externally such BP not especially differ from classical, but are equipped with two chambers. One chamber looks at the road, another - in salon. Quality of record of frontal and back cameras of such devices can differ very strongly. As a rule, the main chamber - fixing a road situation - is capable to record video of the best quality, than additional.

Among shortcomings such BP - fast filling of memory and smaller time of autonomous work from the accumulator during the simultaneous operation of both cameras. Examples: Safebox 120, xDevice BlackBox - 3, CyberView CV - DS300, Proline Safebox - K1 2CH.

Multichannel video recorders


These to BP are similar that they are used at creation of security systems of video surveillance and externally are not similar to usual automobile registrars. They consist of the main unit to which several chambers are connected. Signals from all chambers register in a certain carrier (depending on a design or modification) at the same time.

Such BP can be completed with DU panels, to be the equipped GPS modules, G - a sensor and allow to write down a situation not only in front of the car, but also on the parties and behind. And at desire it is possible to mount the camera which is writing down the events in salon. Of course, it is more applicable for commercial transport. Examples: Phantom VR4x4, RVi RVi - R04 - Mobile, Intro SDR - G40.

Others BP, on the contrary, of a chamber per se have no Video recorders without the built-in camera. It is connected to BP. The principle same, as well as at multichannel except that it is possible to connect only one chamber to this type of BP and them is completed with the screen that occurs at multichannel extremely seldom. An example - Qstar A7 Drive.

Hybrid video recorders

Is about the unusual devices which rather recently were available for sale - the video recorders combined in one case with other device (for example, Lexand STR - 6100 HDR - BP+ the navigator). Each of components works with a separate memory card independently from each other. Still examples: Bellfort Sigma GVR56 Black NaviLux, VARTA V - GPS53C, Texet TN - 521 HD DVR.

Here video recorders can be such different. A big segment of the market of these devices producers occupy the Chinese NoName, but also too it is enough serious models. BP of some producers is offered as an additional option upon purchase of the car in some salons of Moscow (for example, one of described - BlackVue DR400G - HD II - is offered as an option at sale of cars of Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen and Lexus).

However, despite popularity of these devices, cars without fail are not completed with registrars, but who knows, maybe, it will change in the near future?