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What the mantis prays for?

Are an insect received the name thanks to a pious look: to the pacified pose with humbly the put forward pads. In Latin his name sounds as Mantis religiosa (the religious prophet), and in Russian - just the mantis.

However the prayful pose is dictated not by so spiritual aspirations, but vital need. Alone having hidden among foliage, the insect is in constant tension, being going to take the tarried production in the tenacious “worshipped“ pads.

Small insects are fast and quick therefore the mantis has only one attempt that one breakthrough to straighten paws, to seize death grip the victim and to bring it to the powerful jaws. And further - a trick. But to catch production - big luck. The insect till some hours sits in the “pacified“ pose until some careless bukashechka approaches a predator.

And all this time unnoticed to the mantis masking helps to remain. It so merges with a background, keeping an amazing immovability that and will not come to either small “six-legs“, or larger, hostile insects to mind that the imperceptible branch or a leaf is the mantis who stiffened waiting.

The color at mantises can be a miscellaneous: green, yellow, brown. And it is not a sign of subspecies, but specific feature of each insect as skin color at the person at all. Taking into account this color the mantis also chooses for himself a background: green insects - foliage, brown and yellow - dry branches.

However if the huge convex, widely placed eyes of the mantis notice production more solidly, the hunter slowly, even without masking, begins the movement. And it is good if the victim flies up at once or will jump, otherwise the poor thing gets to a live trap and her body pierces a set of thorns.

However this thriller nevertheless has a happy end - sometimes the victim manages to escape. The mantis is so confident in the forces that he attacks even mice, birds and reptiles. And those sometimes manage to teach a good lesson a blood-thirsty insect.

However, the mantis hunts big game only at very strong hunger. The full insect does not pay any attention to excessive production. And if the curious animal itself went for rapprochement, the mantis still, the fulfilled movement, throws out the pads forward, but does not take any more, and pushes away the impudent fellow, parading the thorns.

As a rule, it is enough to damp an ardor of a curious small animal. However there are a lot of beings watching the mantis at all not from idle interest. The large and slowly moving insect quite often itself becomes someone`s lunch.

If his forward pads smartly finish with production, then all other extremities are not adapted for run at all. And the insect tries to use wings as seldom as possible, the heavy, slow and not maneuverable insect and on the earth cannot be overtaken what to speak about air.

So for what the mantis prays, having linked the pads in the lock? Perhaps about successful hunting for careless insects or about protection against prompter and powerful enemies?