Rus Articles Journal

The dialectic form of

the Dialectic form

of Immediacy confuses.

Concerning eternity of

the Verse more than once, the poet does not understand

of Momentary vanity.

But time not in hours - in meanings

of Generality which you are

Only a crumb . You are confused in thoughts.

The labyrinth,

Behind turn flickers unsteadily what confuses?

As from a wound take up bandage,

the Hero from soul winds bandage.

When the soul is naked,

It what pulse fights?

It is one, it one

From us all also remains.

Layered honey agarics to Remove the MUSHROOM WORLD
from a stub

, delight blazing.

Oh, laborious fuss

Will present feeling of paradise!

And boletuses are big,

Ya about one stumbled was.

To the river bank

we Come out of the wood that washed us.

Then accepts the wood &ndash again;

Here pixy-ring of chanterelles yellow.

Whether the basket will be heavy?

Interest is natural.

I found an aspen mushroom, its

admired a hat -

Solemn, losnisty, smooth, the mushroom both is dense

A, and is heavy.

And in a fir grove dense infusion,

I the twilight flickers gently.

And everything is hardly hopeless,

Kohl the world is opened for you mushroom.

Gamletiansky questions

Not only Hamlet weary.

The reality looks sideways at us,

But we maintain a look.

Eventually it is very pleasant to Sushchestvovanye`s

in a body. So.

The jacket is sewn up inaccurately,

And in eyes flickers a gloom.

And what pleasant you find

In existence such?

Why Hamlet you exhaust, Seeking to experience

what after what


With grave-diggers Hamlet

it is Quite banal speaks.

But conversation will not sink into darkness,

of Times burns with something true.

Daily occurrence tastes bitter at times.

Gamletiansky monologue -

What distance! What antiquity!

As it is modern! It is harmonous! It is strict!.

For a sword Hamlet - in total to the answer!

The poisoned steel strikes.

Or Hamlet - lines to a portrait

of Usual eternity?


Necessary for the Samoyed -

Here Hamlet who such is. Understand.

It do not give in to nonsense!

More kindly! Do not clap also doors!

Do not sniff - there is no grief:

Everything is proved always.

Horizontals, a vertical

not to get moving forward, misters.

Yes, misters, quiet Hamlet

In a civil dress of

to you Leaves - what will he mumble there,

addressing heaven Again?

It indecisive and courageous, Widely-read is also near


the Child absolutely mature,

the Comet, the spherical player!

Gamletiana of the highest meanings

Parts is only clear to us.

And quickly numbers in

That life fly by that always one.

From the bridge looks as from - for the woods

of Zmeyoyu the train creeps out.

What was, in it would sit if -

Looking inertly reflects.

Yes, from limits it is impossible,

As dream, corporal to leave.


All lived bestrevozhno the knowing priests in Egypt.

Here under the bridge the train roars.

Edge of the wood it is green turns yellow.

And the cloudy story &ndash is higher;

But who will manage to read it?

That where? And this? - answer to

Confusion with live.

Were close, but the death

Likes other

to Name - also gives always.

Perhaps, people are living?

In others to look for the cities

there Left prospects.

Perhaps they are dead.

Phones change.

Without changes days -

Their zhelezna laws.

I do not know where the buddy that,

C which once was drunk.

Perhaps he lives in the States,

Perhaps him buried.

I am while living.

Light in a window - some soap.

Also prospects

In life, death plentiful are not necessary to me.

In an amber capsule of of

to Become isolated thoughts of God.

What turns out as a result?

Everything is indifferent - and destiny,

I future - only light

Amber that is not indifferent.

Also it is musical, vseyazychen,

Is sacral the chosen plot.