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How it is correct to choose the credit?

Which of us did not take the credit for acquisition of any thing or for payment of any services? Yes practically all. To take the credit sometimes happens favourably, especially when at the right time there is not enough money, and it is necessary to get the pleasant thing urgently. But rapid development of system of crediting created, besides the benefit, for the consumer and a big problem.

Not each person, getting into debt, it is capable to weigh accurately the opportunities and to estimate the requirements. But how to pacify the consumer appetite and not to get to a debt bondage? Not to become malicious defaulters and not to be dependent on bank, it is necessary will learn to distinguish really standing credits from from unnecessary and burdensome.

There is quite accurate framework allowing to divide the credits on useful and harmful.

Useful the credits are the credits allowing to provide in the future to you increase in the income. For example, the credit for payment of education will allow to promote. The credit for acquisitions of the car necessary for daily work, especially if you need to go much on office affairs, will raise your income. Also to useful it is possible to carry the credits for medical care (treatment) or improvement of living conditions (for really needing).

Harmful the credits are the credits which surely conduct to a debt bondage because your regular income there are less than the sum of monthly payments. It is purchase of superfashionable goods or fee without which you could do easily. For example, acquisition of the fancy computer which you, most likely, will use only for reading news on the Internet or for communication on Skype with friends. The credits issued not in that currency in which you get paid can be the same harmful. The exchange rate constantly changes and as practice shows, not in our party.

To avoid the rash credits, it is necessary to follow some rules.

1. Not to take the credit only because to you the bank suggested to issue it. It is necessary that you were an initiator of registration of the credit and in advance all thought over.

2. Do not take consumer loans without extreme need. If it is impossible to save money for purchase of expensive washing machine or the TV, think - can, it is worth choosing model simpler and cheaper.

3. Do not make out credit cards if you are inclined to impulsive, rash purchases. It is always simpler to leave non-cash money, than cash which really lies in your purse.

P. S. Fraud in exchange offices is known long ago. But today currency criminals even more often move also to the Internet. The world Web is hammered with offers to earn from a difference of exchange rates by means of a virtual exchanger. It is necessary to transfer only money from the account in one payment service provider to the account to another, and then through special service to return them back. Having repeated this procedure several times, it is allegedly possible to earn not bad thanks to a favorable difference of exchange rates.

However, as a rule, at one of the next stages of the translation money completely disappears. Be vigilant, do not give in on similar frauds. Use for a currency exchange on the Internet only the reliable and checked services.