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We want more sharply: what pepper is?

Once spices were appreciated worth its weight in gold, and now in any kitchen there will be the whole collection of jars and bags of various spices for every taste. And the king of all this fragrant variety by right it is possible to call pepper. Grant

, any spice did not deserve such love and devotion from hostesses as this burning product: without it neither banks for the winter to roll up, nor to cook soup, nor to fry cutlets it will not turn out - taste not that. Even the inveterate bachelor, boiling store pelmeni for dinner, will surely throw couple of peas of fragrant black pepper into water.

Actually kinds of pepper great variety, and black - only one representative of huge family.

It is interesting that the most known burning spices - peas of white, green, black and red pepper - fruits of one plant, a difference only in time of assembly and processing. Green pepper as it is simple to guess, receive from unripe fruits therefore - that it is “softer“ than the burning fellows. Red pepper has quite soft taste too, though it turns out from the ripened berries and is used even in preparation of juicy desserts. For receiving white pepper the same ripe berries boil and exempt from a thin skin. And for black pepper fruits subject fermentations and several days dry on the sun. After such processing red berries blacken, are wrinkled and develop a burning taste.

Berries from which receive sharp spice grow on a liana of piper nigrum reminding a grapevine with creeping branches and powerful roots. Put fruits of a plant on bright clusters of a mountain ash. Piper nigrum - rather unpretentious plant, than also speaks its prevalence. Vietnam, Brazil, Madagascar - the famous suppliers of pepper. And burning spices from Java, Sumatra and Sri - Lanki took the place in the world market long ago. The pepper homeland - Malabar, Hugo - the western India.

Besides several kinds of the goroshkovy pepper gathered from a liana there is a big variety of spices, in literal sense pepper of not being. For example, sychuansky pepper - the fruit of a prickly bush loved by many for a unique anisovo - a lemon smell. Also his fellow from family of myrtaceous - the Jamaican pepper differs in rich aroma. It, besides directly peppery smell, will give to food also notes of cinnamon, a carnation and a nutmeg. Not for nothing British call it of allspice .

Continuing the list, it is worth mentioning burning Malaysian saravak, a soft South American pink pepper, Guinean long with delicate aroma of ginger and a turmeric. Tasmanian pepper bitter and burning, to taste differs from usual black a little. Cubeb, or the Indonesian pepper, with the cooling soft taste, popular in the homeland, in Europe it is almost unknown.

A huge variety of pepper allows to change taste of the most habitual dishes to unrecognizability. The main thing - not to go too far. Not without reason the French wisdom says: “Entrust salt wise, oil - wasteful, vinegar - careful, and pepper - greedy“.