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How to make successful career. Friends if to ask

you who such successful person? Many of you will answer: The successful person is the one who is able to communicate with surrounding people. And if to ask and who such rich person? Rich is the successful person able to make money. But how to become rich and successful at the same time? Yes everything is very simple, it is necessary to make successful career. Here about it friends I would like to talk to you today.

All people, from the point of view of career, can be divided into two groups: 1 - these are those who are on the roll professional success, and are 2 those who are constantly not lucky at work. But whether always our success on service is a result of command of fate? The luck not always is an absolute trump of the person in respect of career: sooner or later the fate can will turn away from us and then all our career will sweep down an inclined plane. Therefore, first of all, it is worth understanding that successful career directly depends on result of an intensive activity of the person, knowledge acquired by it, abilities and, of course personal qualities. Friends, not many know what qualities the successful person has to possess. In this article I would like to consider five major qualities necessary for successful career. Well, and to solve to you dear readers, you need these qualities for advance on a career ladder or not.

5 qualities of successful career.

1. The profession needs to be loved.

We often hear from other people and constantly we repeat to the friends and relatives that it is necessary to do favorite thing, to do that to you most of all to liking. But for some reason at choice of profession we arrive on the contrary. We look for specialty which is in great demand in labor market with high payment. My friends I ask you to remember one common truth that the physicist will not become an artist. If you in soul the designer, then be engaged in design. Embody the creative ideas in new, interesting projects, but be not put in that field of activity from which you are too far. Do favorite thing, or all your qualities, so necessary for successful career will be unnecessary in business to which at you the soul does not lie.

2. Love to work.

A large number of people considers that quality of the performed work directly depends on the compensation size. Therefore if pay a little, then it is possible and to work “carelessly“ i.e. “to bungle“. Here to you and the second quality of successful career - you love the work irrespective of the salary size. Quite so you can prove to people around that you the professional in the business and to achieve desirable results in the career.

3. Professionalism.

To perfectly know the profession is one of the main indispensable conditions of your successful career. But professionalism comes not at once. To become the successful professional it is necessary to improve constantly the skills, imparts experience, to practice more. Generally develop and help others with a regional awn of your professional activity as much as possible.

4. Creative thinking.

Be not afraid to offer the creative ideas and ingenious developments to your collective. Be a raznostoronnorazvity personality with an independent way of thinking. The more interesting ideas you offer, the quicker will notice and will estimate your talent. Remember indecisive, timid, sensitive people very poorly move ahead on a career ladder and never occupy high posts.

5. Be able to listen to criticism in the address.

There is no limit to perfection - it concerns also career development. One more important qualities of successful career, ability to improve itself, to work on itself. Always attentively listen to the more skilled colleagues and do not oppose to criticism from their party - so you will be able to analyse the abilities and to correct the shortcomings. Thereby having risen by one step of success in your career ladder.