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As I in Turkey hotel 5 * on 3 * exchanged

Where it is better to have a rest in Turkey, probably, an eternal question. At the end of September free week was given and I decided to have a rest in Turkey. Here at this time already not so hot and sea very warm.

There was a natural question - where to go and where it is good to have a rest in Turkey? At first wanted on a habit in five-stars hotel in Marmaris, but the colleague of the wife told that he last year had a rest in Bildibi (the resort town between Antalya and Kemer) in three-stars hotel and gathers there again

Why and is not present - I thought. At least, I learn where it is better to have a rest in Turkey at an optimum ratio the price - quality. On myself I learn a difference not only in the price, but also in service.
No sooner said than done. After 2. 5 hours of flight on a charter from Kiev to Antalya and the 40th minute transfer to hotel, we on the place.

At once I will tell, there are no marble floors and the chromeplated elevators with transparent walls. And there is a complex from 4 small, being buried in verdure and flowers of cases, everyone with the pool.

Rooms are quite decent, everyone with the individual conditioner, a shower, the hair dryer and other personal belongings. Clean every day, change linen time in three days. For fidelity left to personnel on dollar every morning.

But as hotel not of 5 stars, there are no shampoos and gels in soul. Take with yourself.

Now about food. The hotel works on the All Inclusive system. You will not remain hungry, but the difference with kitchen of the 5th zvedochny resort is considerable. There is a lot of greens and vegetables, with meat it is worse. Our tourists, and their absolute majority here, grumbled about it. I on a subject of vegetarianism did not bother since I knew what I go on - rest cost $890 for two in a week together with flight, against $2500 in 5 * “Fame Residence“ in last arrival to Turkey here.

Besides to an occasion muttering of part of public about what to the beach of 5 min. walking caused easy bewilderment - was paid for 3 *, and want conveniences, as in the five-stars resort on the first line.
In responses on a subject where is good to have a rest in Turkey which read before a trip on the Internet, about this beach often write that not really purely supposedly there is a lot of stubs. Yes, it is enough. But and here hotel? Ballot boxes for garbage stand on the beach, and the fact that to our compatriots laziness to go, the bull-calf in sand, so is simpler to thrust it to the general level of culture of our citizens.

But water in the sea the purest and very warm. Partly, I think from - that the beach pebble and a stony bottom. By the way, I recommend to get special slippers for an entrance to the sea. They are on sale at every turn and there are $10.

Still council - do not get excursion from agents of tour operator in hotel. Much cheaper in any local private agency.

As I was in Turkey the fourth time, for myself from trips found nothing new and went to catch fish on the mountain lake in 40 km. from Antalya. Place of simply amazing beauty. Something reminded Rits`s lake in the Caucasus. Fishes, however, did not catch much, but picnic in mountains was simply magnificent. The price of pleasure is $35 from a nose.

On the way back stopped by at park of Antalya with falls. I strongly recommend - a tremendous show. Before there were in Antalya two times and did not even suspect that there is such beauty.

Well and at last, the main thing that was pleasant to me in three stars, despite some general flaws - the atmosphere simply - homeliness. It was created, first of all, by the personnel which - are perfectly schooled, benevolent, speaking in Russian and exclusively not importunate.

Besides, never and anywhere before saw that the owner and his sons (hotel two Turkish families own) had breakfast together with tourists, stood on a reception and participated in evening entertainment programs.

I think that it is possible only in three stars hotels.

So that if in the next season you reflect where it is better to have a rest in Turkey, take this my information into consideration.

P. S. That did not suspect of advertizing, I do not provide the name of hotel. Want you learn in my profile.