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What snack can be made of an unleavened wheat cake?

use the Thin unleavened wheat cake at table layout, in it wrap shish kebab pieces, in it cook shawarma. And with it it is possible to prepare a set of various snack.

for this purpose needs to develop an unleavened wheat cake, to grease it with a thin layer of mayonnaise, sour cream with seasonings, cheese sauce, etc., to leave for a couple of minutes. After everything to lay out a stuffing, to curtail a roll or an envelope. Roll can be cut on several pieces. To decorate with greens, a lemon segment, an olive.

The stuffing should not be too juicy or liquid, otherwise the unleavened wheat cake will become wet and will become torn when it is taken in a hand.

And here of a stuffing :

1. Packing of crabsticks, couple of garlic gloves, boiled egg, grated cheese, greens, mayonnaise.

2. cottage cheese Pack, salt, greens, couple of garlic gloves, several spoons of mayonnaise.

3. cottage cheese Pack, salt, greens, couple of garlic gloves, grated cheese, pickle pieces.

4. the Adygei cheese crumbed by hands, the Korean carrots, mayonnaise, greens.

5. the Fish canned food in oil mashed by a fork, grated cheese, greens.

6. the Pieces of fillet of a herring, several boiled eggs and boiled carrot grated on a grater, greens, couple of spoons of mayonnaise,

7. Cubes of ham and firm cheese, grated fresh cucumber, garlic glove, mayonnaise.

8. Grated boiled eggs, Korean carrots, smoked sausage, mayonnaise.

9. Grated cucumber and carrots, pieces of smoked sausage or smoked meat, greens, mayonnaise.

10. the Browned bulbs and a sweet pepper, small cut pickles, pieces of fried chicken meat, pieces of fresh tomato, a garlic glove and mayonnaise.

11. Grated carrots, grated beet, a clove garlic, a handful of the crushed kernels of walnuts, mayonnaise.

12. the Fried forcemeat, grated firm cheese, the browned onions and sweet pepper.

13. Grated cheese, is a lot of greens (cilantro, celery, fennel, parsley), salt, mayonnaise.

14. the Browned bulbs and a sweet pepper, boiled egg, boiled carrot, a processed cheese, greens, mayonnaise, grated on a grater.

15. the Chopped young cabbage ground by hands with salt, grated young carrots, a grated cucumber, mayonnaise.

16. Red fish, grated processed cheese, mayonnaise.

Still it is possible to do so. To cut an unleavened wheat cake on several pieces, on each piece to put a stuffing, to curtail an envelope and to fry on a frying pan in butter.

For such snack of a stuffing there can be following:

1. Pieces of fresh tomato, grated cheese.

2. The mincemeat fried with onions, grated eggs, greens.

3. The mushrooms fried with onions, grated cheese, boiled eggs, greens.

4. The browned bulbs and a sweet pepper, grated cheese, greens.

5. Grated cheese of suluguni, fennel.

And still the unleavened wheat cake can be given under different pastes, sauces, namazka.

It is very tasty to smear an unleavened wheat cake piece with caviar oil, caviar of the capelin, bird pastes, a liver, meat.

it is easy for b to prepare such namazk independently.

1. To knead a fork smoked fish without stones, processed cheese, butter, to add lemon juice.

2. Cream cheese, small - small cut onions and garlic, black and chili powder to turn into uniform paste.

3. To grind a fried chicken liver, ground pepper, several spoons of heavy cream in the blender in mashed potatoes, to fill with salt and pepper, to warm up in a microwave.

4. To turn the onions fried in vegetable oil, garlic, sweet pepper, an eggplant, couple of tomatoes into uniform paste in the blender.

5. Butter, the boiled cleared shrimps, a garlic glove to knead a fork.

The dishes issued in an unleavened wheat cake look on a table very appetizingly!