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You change an environment. What does it mean and as with it to be?

Ya think that all of us had they in situation life when old girlfriends leave, gradually or, on the contrary, through scandals, quarrels. When a former environment begins to irritate, causes discomfort. When there is no wish to communicate with these people at all or when people are not ready to see us.

A happens differently - when there are new people coming absolutely oddly to our life and who remained in it for a long time. Familiarly?

This article has practical character, and exercises in it can be useful to you to understanding of the happening changes.

Recently one loved one told me: “Yulya, thanks to you I understand when I change and when I need to change something in my life“. And when I asked in what sense, the answer was such: “When we meet, I feel at once, is comfortable to me or not. If it is comfortable - means, we move in one direction and we develop with approximately identical speed. And if suddenly I feel that something in you irritates me, I for any reason do not want to meet you, your words strain me - I begin to listen to myself and I understand that in some sphere of life at me “gap“ that I should work over it“.

What it means?

Reflect: whether there are in your life close people, the relations with whom changed recently, - strained with yours or from the opposite side. The first and main that should be known - occur changes! Something in life changes - or at your loved one, or at you. It equally influences the relations.

As to deal with it?


a sheet of paper, a pencil, a glass of water or tea and sit down more conveniently. So, answer yourself several questions: on what points, subjects, questions you divorce this person, there is a doubt or resistance? What in this person strains you, confuses or irritates? How this moment responds in your life now? What in your life occurs on this subject? Transfer to yourself.

For example: irritated me as her husband talked to my pregnant friend. It managed with it very roughly, in my opinion, even offended it. When I saw it, I was shocked and then we did not see this girlfriend about a year. When I began to understand the reasons of this shock, I understood that I personally cannot take out such attitude towards myself from the man in principle. The understanding of it was very important for me for that period.

Further, think: what in your life exchanged or changes at present? Work, career, an income level, outlooks on life, the relations - anything. Or there is something that for a long time it would be desirable to change?

Having answered these questions, you will be able to understand that in some sphere there is a high potential or active advance which you still just do not notice owing to any reasons. Therefore, it will be necessary or to move for realization of potential, or to pay attention to the processes proceeding in you.

In general the world is a reflection ourselves. And we are reflection of our world. We change - our environment changes. If people around are tightened on our level for some time - they will remain. If they owing to these or those reasons prefer to remain at that level at which were - our ways most likely will disperse. It should be understood accurately.

the Reverse side of this law

At this law is also the return action: if we very strongly want any changes, advances in the life, it is necessary to change a circle of contacts on where these qualities or resources will be present.

That is, for example, if I want to raise the income level, I will mainly communicate with those people whose level of income is similar to that which I wish.

Create the environment, study at it! You learn to listen and hear it - as a rule, signals of an environment give us a lot of information on ourselves. At least, it will be an occasion to reflect.

And the most important - listen to yourself and be in contact with yourself. The most important is what you can catch and find in yourself. The world around helps you to see changes in itself and to change. It is your resource and your force!

Progress to you and the best environment for your development!