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Whether it is possible to bathe a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs - animals exclusively overland, are not able to float, in the nature do not get into the water. They comb a hair paws and are licked. In house conditions of a mumps are licked too, but sometimes it is not enough. Then the small animal needs to come to the rescue and bath it.

Different pigs react to bathing differently, someone silently suffers, it is even pleasant to someone. My swine cried out as if he was already eaten half.

Svintusa with long wool are soiled much stronger, and it is more difficult for them to keep himself clean. Animals who in a warm season live in street open-air cages, less pure too, than their room relatives.

It is convenient to bathe a guinea pig in a basin or in a sink. Waters has to be so much that the small animal could stand on the paws, and at the same time his mouth and a nose should not be on water level. If the swine has suffered much waters, he will be afraid of water procedures very long.

If the animal stands still, then you can not hold it with a hand, and soap and rinse with both hands. If the small animal worries, then he needs to be kept on one place. My tolstopopy Speaking in a deep voice, despite awkwardness and a korotkolapost, made such jumps that nearly jumped out from a bathtub. Keep in mind that the soaped mumps very slippery and if you do not hold it, she will plop down back in a bathtub or on a floor. And falling even from small height for them are fraught with injuries, and even death.

If the animal too is afraid to stand in water, then it is possible to water it from a shower (watering cans) or to wash under the crane. Put him in a basin or a sink without water and start up water a thin stream.

Water should not get to a small animal into a mouth, a nose, eyes and ears. Therefore to it do not wash a muzzle, and wipe with damp fabric without soap and shampoo. When soaping cover the head of an animal with a napkin.

For bathing it is necessary to use shampoo or soap for animals. In pet-shops special means for washing of guinea pigs and rabbits are on sale. It is admissible to wash a mumps with kittens shampoo. And here dog shampoo does not approach, its formula for skin of pigs too aggressive. It is possible to wash a small animal children`s shampoo. If your mumps has long wool, then do not regret for it hair conditioner. It is necessary that the hair was not felted and was not confused.

Water has to be warm - 36 - 38 degrees. In hotter mumps it will become bad, and in cold she will catch a cold.

It is necessary to soap a mumps the easy massage movements. After bathing the mumps should be rinsed in clear water. If you begin to use the conditioner, then put it after rinsing and distribute on all length of wool.

After water procedures wrap up a mumps a thick towel which will absorb surplus of water. Carefully comb damp wool a hairbrush with rare teeth. Especially it is important for long-haired pigs.

Turn on the hair dryer and direct a stream warm (not hot!) air on a mumps after wool growth. Against wool it is not recommended to dry. It is especially carefully necessary to dry a tummy.

If your pig is afraid of the hair dryer, it is necessary to dry her or a towel, or having put under sunshine or to the warm place. My swine rolled up eyes and threatened to faint at hair dryer sounds. In the winter I wrapped it in a dry towel and put on the battery laid by other towel. When the heating season came to an end, I seated it on a window sill in kitchen if the sun, or on a stool near the included oven shone. At the same time it is necessary to watch that the animal did not fall down from height. Windows have to be closed!

Pigs very easily catch a cold therefore it is necessary to dry them very carefully. During the day after bathing of pigs it is impossible to take out on the street.

It is necessary to cage only completely dry pigs, otherwise sawdust, grains, a peel will jam into damp wool.

In questions of bathing a mumps whimsical and sensitive, as the baby.