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As residents of the different countries

last year specially in honor of the World day of savings (it appears, there is also such) save the family budget research was conducted how to save money on the example of residents of the different countries. Here several entertaining results of this research.

The palm on a question how to save the family budget was received by Germans. It is worth borrowing knowledge from them how to learn to save money. The salary in Germany averages 2000 Euros and economical Germans monthly lay off 10% of the income. The main articles of savings it contributions to a pension fund and accumulation on children.

How to save the family budget - an obligatory component of management of the income of any German. Average monthly expenses, besides an average German family, look, as follows: payment for housing - 700 euros, an insurance - about 100 euros, food of 600 euros, the credit for the car 250, benz and repair - 200 euros.

Least of all Germans spend for clothes. The German can carry for years the same thing and not have complex about it at all. And when the thing, at last, bothers - give it to various charity foundations.

Germans save not only on clothes. At night in Germany the tariff for the electric power decreases and to save money, washing machines turn on at this particular time. The premises begin to be heated, as a rule, only when already absolutely cold. At 10 degrees on the street, the German will prefer to pull socks for the night, than to include heating of a bedroom.

But here on what, Germans do not save the family budget, so it on the rest. Not without reason, this nation is considered the most traveling.

French, as well as Germans, are also able to appreciate earned and know how to save money. Being going to make some purchase, in advance prepare, study catalogs, compare the prices of various suppliers etc. French and sales during which discounts can reach 80% adore. They plan visit of such actions in advance and sometimes even take for this purpose time off at work.

To save the family budget, French will organize sharing of cars. Agree with those in advance, to a lump to go to the same party. Even there are special websites where it is possible to find trips with fellow travelers.

But French prefer not to save money on food. They like to eat well and drink. The benefit that offers of products in this country just huge. The famous French president Charles De Gaulle, somehow told: “… How it is possible to operate the country in which only cheese grades more than 300?“ And on myself I know

. Somehow in the tiny town in Normandy came to have dinner into tiny small restaurant and it was simply shocked with the range of dishes: from snails and oysters to cutlets on Kiev.

Therefore it is not surprising that for food French spend even more than for housing. The statistics tells the following: French spend 25% of the income for food, 20% for payment of housing, 15% - transport, 9% - clothes and about 5% for medicine and entertainments.

And here Swedes have other history. Citizens of this country pay one of the most heavy taxes in the world - to 60% of the income is deducted in the state treasury. Necessarily there will be a question how to save the family budget.

The main article of economy - purchase on sales. Swedes in general belong is economical to clothes and other things. And when children grow up from the clothes, announcements on the corresponding websites learn to make out them and to sell it online.

However, to be fair It is necessary to tell that at such heavy taxes, Swedes have also a number of privileges from the state. For example, free education and restriction on expenses on drugs. The maximum sum which Swedes pay in a year on drugs makes 250 euros, the special card by which prescription drugs are already given free of charge until the end of the year is given then.

In the USA little Americans since the childhood are accustomed to be counted only on themselves. Therefore residents of the USA try to save up money for everything that is only possible and it is favorable to enclose them.
Most of Americans do not hope for the state and besides contributions to special sots. Funds save money in non-state pension funds.

Is obligatory for the American accumulation on the children. As soon as in a family the child appears, open for him the account where save money for education.

Statistically, the biggest item of expenditure at Americans is a housing: $600-1000. Further the health insurance in $300-1000, an insurance on a car - $100. Food to cost $400-500, utilities of $150-250. An average salary in the USA $2000-3000.

Here Americans prefer not to spend much for clothes. Especially in the USA it is rather cheap. A t-shirt for $5 and jeans for $15 - normal “ُِويول“ the ordinary American.

Inveterate stores are Japanese. On average they lay off 20 - 25% of the income per month. The main source of accumulation at Japanese except bank deposits are various insurance funds.

Unlike Europe where the economy of the family budget is planned, as a rule both spouses, at Japanese women are engaged in it. They also determine the sum of pocket money for the husbands.

Well and in conclusion an interesting way how to save money for purchase of jewelry. It is used by the Turkish women. Every month ten women gather in turn at one of them for a sit-round gathering, and everyone brings the sum equal to the cost of one gram of gold on a meeting. This money is transferred the hostess of the house and she is free to dispose of them at discretion. As a rule, the next gold ornament is bought.

A certain option of cash desk of mutual aid - the hostess receives jewelry at once, and then within a year, visiting, gives in parts its cost.

Here such various ways regarding how to save money and how to save the family budget.