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What cannot be given?

Exist a set of signs on the fact that it is impossible to give for holidays and birthdays. However our people learned “to get out“ of a ticklish situation. It is possible to take a money with presented, and not the gift at all will already turn out, and purchase … This way out can be useful to

if the one to whom you wish to present the “forbidden“ gift only and dreams that about this gift.

We will assume, the hero of the anniversary is a true judge of hours, but to dare buy some expensive model cannot. And here you, having such opportunity, you present it hours of his dream. I do not think what presented will think of what you give hours in order that to be separated from it for ever. The gift in the form of hours, in principle, has to lead to separation. But if he is too superstitious, then can pay you 5 kopeks, and everything will be normal …

A to collectors of knives, well, now never to receive gifts in the form of their favourite sharp objects from - for the fact that it is impossible to give knives? I do not think that having received as a gift expensive blade, the fan of knives will think of the fact that you together with a gift brought an evil ghost to his house … Such prejudice densely sat down at the heads of many people. If you were bypassed by this thought, then not to worry, ask for

presented to steam of kopeks … I Think, it is necessary to tell that it is impossible to give means for hygiene, especially intimate. The matter is that many people can apprehend such gift as a hint on what from them not really well smells. Though, that from whom and the truth smells of something not really pleasant hardly once will think of it … Only the real neatniks because this question for them very painful … It is undesirable to

to give gifts “on duty“, “unisex“ which can suit all - boxes of chocolates, bottles with alcohol, bed linen can take offense. Of course, if the gift is necessary urgently, and there is no other option, then and such will approach. By the way, it is undesirable to give bed linen because hardly you know what bed at the one to whom you give a gift. Personally at me not less than five sets of double linen whereas I use only family sets accumulated. And, it turns out, it is impossible to use, and it is a pity to throw out. To present the hand is not raised as I do not know who has what bed.

Very doubtful gift is the perfumery. It is especially difficult to please the lady. Even if yesterday it used any spirits, it does not mean at all that today it likes them. And to present aroma which the woman will not use, not really pleasantly. However, if you belong to that category of people to whom all the same whether its gift will be pleasant or not, then you can safely give that you want. But - that you like to receive pleasant gifts? Why you do not think of feelings of others?

Somehow and there is no wish to speak about the following gifts which, on signs, cannot be given especially as hardly it is possible to call these objects and things gifts. Most likely, it is just small gifts. But if we say about what cannot be given, we will mention also them. So, it is impossible to give slippers - to death, nasal kerchiefs - to tears, hairbrushes - to a ferreting out of secrets, - will surely change pants to darling.

If you do not want to become “enemy“ in others house, you do not give animals to children without consent of their parents. You do not give money to those at whom is them more, than at you. Well and the main thing, making a gift, represent the one to whom it is intended, be guided by its tastes and desires, and then the gift will surely please presented. And to give joy to the neighbor, you also give gifts! Therefore forget about superstitions and make gifts with all the heart!