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How to earn from dogs?

the Question how to earn from dogs, never faced me. So it turned out that my dog oshchenitsya. And if at first I wanted to give puppies, then after the delivery it was necessary to refuse this invention. Now I understand that it is possible to earn from dogs, but at all not that sum of which all think around.

The matter is that not always investments made in dogs pay off sale of puppies. Why at me it did not turn out to give away puppies? At first we spent the unlimited sum of money for purchase of a puppy, then raised it, fed, cared, cherished … Bought various accessories, a yum-yum, diapers, food … But all this “our“ expenditure, them I to put in the price of puppies and did not gather, we raised not the “car for earning money“, and the friend.

When the dog grew up, we wanted the second, but as it there was a wish to be spent for her not really, decided “to give rise“ to themselves to it. At first it was necessary to visit an exhibition and to receive an adjustable assessment. We spent for it the whole day and some sum of money. Then we found the groom and went to him to appointment. As the closest groom lived in the neighboring city, we still a little bit spent for the road.

Later there were two knittings - one the main, the second control, for confidence in positive result. As “dad“ was the guy super - a puper, for knitting we gave 500 dollars. Then we waited for puppies. I will never forget this time, and since then I will not envy those who think of how to earn from dogs and the more so by that who thus earns … It is necessary to watch the pregnant woman that did not eat something not that did not hit a tummy that did not ache, and other day and night.

Well, in the last two weeks of expectation of kids I had to take vacation at own expense and to watch little “princess“. Some days before childbirth I went to a drugstore and bought a set of any drugs. Some were necessary, others just could be useful, but they have to be at a genus of small doggies, such as a Yorkshire terrier. By day of estimated childbirth we, just in case, found the veterinarian who, if something happens, would come to the rescue …

childbirth Began, children did not want to be born, and it was necessary to call the doctor. Cesarean section cost us 10 thousand rubles. Was born three a shchenochka, one of which was goner. We kept the girl, the boy sold for 15 thousand. And now a question - whether much we earned from sale of puppies? The answer is obvious - nothing, spent twice more.

After the delivery all first week we had sleepless nights as kids were born tiny, and it was necessary to watch that mummy did not crush them incidentally. Periodically the mamulka had eklampsiya attacks, and it was necessary to enter urgently medicine not to lose a doggie … It drugs, vitaminka, syringes …

If today me someone asks how to earn from dogs and whether I want to be engaged in it, my answer will be unambiguous - for anything! To earn, it is necessary to have a special warehouse of character. Personally I feel sorry for the girl, I cannot watch how she suffers after Caesarian as to it it is bad during attacks. For this reason I did not even think of tying it the daughter.

I know the manufacturer who has ten dogs, for her they are not “children“, as for me. Here she can earn from dogs. Removed a uterus to a dog, it it it is direct there, in clinic, and left … It is unacceptable for me therefore I do not want to earn from dogs, let professionals be engaged in it.