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For what can remove from flight on airlines of the USA?

All legislation concerning air flights on local and international airlines of the USA are regulated at the federal level. Even if you are not going to fly to the USA and to make flights in the USA, then, using the American airlines in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia you will submit to the federal legislation of the USA. to

Therefore information mentioned by me in this article will be useful to those who prefer to fly by planes of the foreign companies, but not domestic airlines.

Rules for passengers provide all the one and only purpose: safety and comfort as vehicle, so its team and all air passengers. Anything draconian, anything superstrict, anything unreasonable. But for the Russian passenger some things can be surprisingly unusual in comparison with domestic rules. So, for what you can not be allowed to flight or remove from flight, having developed the plane back?

1. Refusal to fasten belts . According to the federal legislation upon the demand of crew you have to be fastened at some stages of flight, even with the child on hands. Sometimes pilots ask to be fastened throughout all flight. Then you can come unfastened and descend in a toilet only with the permission of the steward for what you have to invite a call of the button him to the chair.

Sometimes the passenger so large that he lacks a belt. Till August, 2011 dimensional passengers could use the personal extenders of a belt, but now, according to rules, it has to be fastened only by a belt which equipped its chair.

2. Noisy child . In March, 2012 the plane Blu Jett following on Turk`s islands in the Caribbean Sea was developed and returned to Miami: parents could not appease the shouting three-year-old kid. In general, in the presence of alternative private carriers, parents with uncontrollable children have the choice, the truth already for other money. But it is their problems, but not ours.

3. Wrong clothes . Before purchase of the ticket for the American airlines all - it is necessary to examine with dress - a code of this airline. In principle, all recommendations are developed for your benefit. You can not be let in the plane on very high hairpins, in heavy army boots, in clothes which too fit a body and does not pass air, in very difficult clothes with abundance of finishing, dangerous to your safety, in too revealing clothes, in the trousers which are dangling below the put belt level, in undershirts - t-shirts with provocative political, racial or ambiguous inscriptions.

Present, you should be in a metal pipe at the height of 35. 000 feet, in the clothes squeezing, not passing air. Loads of an organism increase. To you it can become elementary bad, and the company is not obliged to answer to your health. You can be hooked by a high hairpin and be wounded or wound others, your legs in blocks - boots can swell up so that you will not be able to remove footwear then. You can get confused in the frills, scarfs, a fringe before full suffocation at urgent evacuation.

Too revealing clothes (a low decollete, too short skirt, absolutely transparent blouse) can offend “it is whole - a mudernnost“ other passengers. Generally, as in policy there is a military coercion to the world, and on the plane the company will make everything to force you to feel comfortable and safely in flight. Generally all companies recommend clothes layers: put on yourself more layers of clothes. Hot - you will undress and think to yourself from clothes the convenient roller under the head or a bottom, it is cold - it is not necessary to climb in hand luggage behind a jacket (by the way, and the place in baggage is saved).

4. Quarrels - fights . The United plane from the USA headed for Ghana. One of passengers began to clash with another concerning the chair which is not brought to a direct state. The pererugivaniye which turned into a fight was tied. Fighting crew members separated, seated on the different ends, but the pilot made the decision to develop the plane and to land fighters. The whole hour they burned out fuel over the nearest airport, but when the plane concerned the earth, fighters gave directly in a charge of the police which is already waiting at a ladder.

5. Refusal to switch off electronic devices . Happens that the passenger just forgets to make it independently, and he listened to a reminder on a public address system. If one call is distributed, then it will be politely reminded by all - to switch-off phone. But if after a reminder phone is not deactivated, the crew has the right to be developed and put the plane to hand over violators in law hands.

6. Hygiene . The USA considers what from the person should not smell of the person. In general anything. But to the country there come people at whom a bit differents idea of human smells. If from the passenger unpleasant smells proceed or he their itself, so to speak, produces in flight, then consequences same, as with fighters and rowdies. Auch!

7. Contact lenses . All know that air on planes is strongly overdried. Humidity of air fluctuates between 10 and 20%, and sometimes falls in general to 1% as in the Sahara or Death Valley Desert. At long flight people in contact lenses instead of points have a strong dryness of eyes, an acute pain, dacryagogue up to sharp easing of sight. The company does not want that you judged it for bruises or fractures in case of a trauma from - for visual acuity losses.

8. Alcoholic or other intoxication . The federal law literally tells the following: the passenger who makes impression or seems to the authorities of airport / airline which are under the influence of alcohol or other substance can be not allowed to flight or is removed from flight. Only makes impression or seems … Is fair

? Absolutely: the company has no time and an opportunity to consider your per milles, to do the analysis on intoxication narcotic / medicine. They have no opportunity to predict dynamics of development of the inadequate deviations caused by intoxication.

Many people are afraid to fly by planes. One swallow of Valium, others encourage themselves before a departure in the bar several doses of alcohol. The result can be the most deplorable, without respect of persons. So, landed the prince of Bahrain from business - a class the modest local company South - West. Delta developed the plane and threw out one of idols a hard - fate.

Practically on all flights are on sale (free of charge for business - a class) alcoholic beverages. Always it is possible to drink a hundred-gram small bottle of decent wine or what is stronger than to reduce flight stress and to be forgotten in a light sleep. So there is no prokhibishen in air. However, and superfluous will not sell to you if something seems it to too much.

One of memoirs Soviet period razlyul: Pulkovo. We stand in waiting list for landing. Ahead absolutely pyanenky little man, sticks out of a pocket a neck drunk not enough Moscow.
- I with a bottle will not let you in the plane, - the employee says.
- Well I will not drink more, ches - slo, - the little man answers.
- the Citizen, leave a bottle behind a turnstile. Otherwise I will not pass.
Mute scene. And suddenly heart-rending shout of our poor fellow:
- Men, MEN! Drink up for God`s sake! Well as so, it is good to tell - leave a bottle! Drink up, men …

9. Spirits and sharply smelling cosmetics . To me not to take out spirits in separate point, and to mention in the section on smells. But the timid fallow deer is not interwoven into a horse-flesh at me. To spirits in the USA very alerted relation. As far as it is pleasant to you to feel from himself delicate aroma of your spirits, it can be so disgusting for other person. And not only it is disgusting esthetically, but also allergichen, especially in the closed plane space with its overdried air.

And for the rest, the great marchioness, everything is quite good. Also everything that is authorized is not forbidden. Therefore either fly by planes of Aeroflot or you carry away article in bookmarks.

Pleasant flight!