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Helminthic diseases. Pinworms.

Helminthic diseases. Pinworms.
Helminthic diseases are widespread on all globe, strike plants, wild animals, trade, house, and the person. The name to worms was given still by Hippocrates - 4 century B.C. - helminth. At the heart of helminthic diseases - this parasitizing in others organism. The modern science knows about 250 species of worms (helminths) parasitizing in a human body. In the people of a disease of worms call as: an illness of dirty hands, not boiled thoroughly food, dirty vegetables. Here everything depends on the person, on his household culture and a way of life.

Most often in a human body such species of worms meet: pinworms, tape worms, ascarids.

PINWORMS . They parasitize in a blind gut and in final department of intestines, a thicket at children. Females of pinworms to lay eggs not in a human body and on a damp surface of a body creep out outside through a rectum and there leave eggs cause to grow ripe to an infectious stage at the same time a severe itch of back pass.
Usually catch pinworms from dogs, cats, crude food.

Exile of PINWORMS :

≈ To Mix, on weight in equal parts gruel of garlic or onions with a tansy grass. to fill in 50 g of mix with the boiling milk 0. 5 l. To wrap up and 30 minutes to insist. To filter and do an enema. well helps for exile of worms.

≈ Seeds of a pear from 50 to 100 pieces to crush, divide into two portions and to accept in the morning and in the evening.
≈ 30 g of powder of sour pomegranate (bark of the root) a day to accept washing down with warm water. Fast exile of worms.

≈ To pound Grains of one lemon in powder - one portion. To accept at least 2 - 3 portions of powder, washing down 2 times a day with a glass of warm water, it is desirable to food of minutes for 15 - 20.

≈ Hoofed the European - to accept the Root in the form of powder on 0,4g. to food, 3 times a day.

≈ In two glasses of honey to stir five tablespoons of shredded crusts (green) walnut, to cook on a water bath not less than 30 minutes. To accept with tea on a teaspoon three times a day.

≈ For the night to insert a garlic segment into a rectum.

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