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Helminthic diseases. Ascarids.

of the Ascarid - round worms, live in small intestines of an organism about a year, parasitizing in an adult stage. For the person are the reason of many dangerous complications.

It is askaridovy impassability of intestines, allocation of ascarids with an emetic masses and a mobile tumor - a ball of helminths. It and askaridos a liver with development of jaundice, askaridozny appendicitis, perforative peritonitis, liver abscess, purulent angiokholit.

Askaridoz of a pancreas and development of an asfiktion at hit of ascarids in airways.
Exile of ascarids:
≈ In equal parts on volume to mix powder of seeds of pumpkin and powder of leaves of a wormwood bitter. To fill up with mix 1:3 half a liter bottle, to fill in other volume with vodka. To insist on the sun week, stirring up contents.

To wring out and filter. To accept twice a day 50 g during the lunchtime and for dinner, several weeks before disappearance of ascarids.
≈ At a helminthic invasion to accept walnut oil 3 times a day on St to a spoon.
≈ On an empty stomach to eat 30 - 60 g of kernels of walnuts washing down with dry grape wine.
≈ At all types of helminthic diseases it is useful to chew on 1 tablespoon crude rice in the morning and for the night, slowly swallowing it.

≈ To Mix on weight in equal parts gruel of garlic or onions. To fill in with the boiling milk at the rate of 50 g of mix on 0. 5 l.

Having wrapped up to insist 30 minutes, to wring out, filter. Use of infusion in the form of an enema, the EFFECTIVE REMEDY.
≈ For treatment register daily reception of seeds of plum in a dose from 5 to 20 g
≈ That will get rid of an ascarid drink infusion from leaves of a bitter wormwood on 3 St of a spoon within 10 days, on an empty stomach since morning and before going to bed. For strengthening of action eat a half-glass of fresh polished carrots.

≈ 30 g of roots of a wormwood ordinary (dry, crushed) to fill in 0,5 beers. To boil 5 m. on weak fire, cooled to filter. To accept 3 times a day 2 tablespoons.

≈ In the Morning on an empty stomach it is useful to drink juice from leaves and flowers of a jasmine on 30 g

≈ On a frying pan properly to calcinate coriander seeds (dry), istoloch them in powder. To accept 1 g of powder three times a day.

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