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How not to marry? A bad advice of

If you think that the purpose of each person - to marry or marry, then is a mistake. For many the purpose is opposite: not to marry (to marry) at all even if such opportunity is sprained and conditions are simply ideal.

of the Reason can be various, beginning for fear of responsibility in independent family life and finishing with confidence in own unattractiveness for an opposite sex. Divorce of parents with scandal, failures in family life of friends and relatives, an inferiority complex, infantilism, costs of education and many other things can force the person to refuse the family relations.

Of course, it is the simplest not to marry (to marry) if simply to refuse all arriving offers. But not everyone is capable of such feat. Besides, it is full around of relatives, friends and just acquaintances who set on: well when already, well it would be time, well give, good option … It is necessary to dodge. It is necessary and not to offend advisers, and at the same time incidentally not to marry (to marry). It is the high art available not to everyone. Therefore I offer you several advice, following which you will be able to destroy safely any matrimonial plans and to keep the freedom in inviolability. At the same time people around will consider that you are simply not lucky, you cannot find the prince charming (princess), but look for constantly.

So, councils. Do not forget - harmful! They equally suit both to women, and men.

The most important not to marry: to make a portrait of the ideal partner (the prince or the princess) and to reject on approach of all who do not correspond to this portrait to nanometer. For example, your prince has to be able to play a violin - you all life dreamed that in the evenings in the bosom of the family you will listen to masterly game of the violinist. If the candidate for princes does not play a violin, and mastered, say, a piano or a guitar, then he unambiguously does not approach. You dreamed of Paganini, but not of the house bard. Your princess has to know how to cook at the level of cooks extra - a class. What means, did not hear about snails on - Burgundian? You never know that you also saw them only on the picture, but that that does not know how to cook them - obviously not your princess.

Than requirements and the their are more strict more, the probability that will make to you a proposal of marriage is less. Therefore think over a portrait in all details, without forgetting not only about personal qualities, education, the social status and so on, but also about appearance. Surely pay attention to addictions, a hobby, hobbies. And that suddenly will get to you the fan of classical literature, and you - that wanted to have an opportunity to discuss the last novelties of a fantasy. Or - horror! - the lover of outdoor activities, and you - that also love all what to sit quietly with a rod on the bank of the lake. And even obvious contradiction: you like to watch some movie in the evenings, and the candidate for princes (princesses) prefers to roll about on a sofa with the book. So do not miss anything, any trifle!

Parents and other relatives of the potential prince or the princess are very important. You remember: they surely have to be pleasant to you, in them there should be no shortcomings. If shortcomings are available, then immediately refuse the candidate. Suddenly it will show the same lines? Pay special attention to health of relatives of the candidate. You do not need the prince or the princess with predisposition to diseases. For example, if the grandmother of the candidate died at the age of ninety five years of a heart attack, then it is quite sufficient basis for refusal.

Do not forget that relatives of the potential prince or the princess have to treat you with all possible piety. And, by the way, to your parents and other relatives - too. The return - is not obligatory at all. Especially as all of you it is equally much better than all of them combined.

It is the best of all if acquaintance has no continuation in a look though any relations. In this case it is not necessary to puzzle, looking for causes of failure. Therefore it is necessary to develop an accurate line of conduct on a case of unforeseen circumstances (that is unexpected acquaintance which can lead to certain consequences - do not forget that any acquaintance therefore be vigilant can have consequences!) .

It is very important to avoid all communication with an opposite sex, as a result of communication the relations can be entered, and it is undesirable. Alas, it is not always possible. Sometimes it is necessary to accept invitations on a visit, on parties and so on where you want you do not want, and communication is obligatory. On this case there is a trouble-free recipe how to communicate so that any more never with attempts of communication stuck to you.

The system is very simple: always you speak about yourself and only about yourself, it is exclusive about the problems. Never listen to the interlocutor, and it is desirable - at all do not pledge him the word to tell. For example, if at a noisy party the person with the obvious purpose to get acquainted approaches you (here still invented!) also asks the sacramental question “How are you doing?“, it is necessary to perceive this question not as rhetorical, being a priming to start conversation, and in the most direct way demanding the direct answer. That is it is necessary immediately to begin to tell about that, how exactly your situation is. It is very good to throw out on the interlocutor the mass of details about your private life, about life of your relatives and acquaintances, about health of your popugaychik and at the same time about your colleagues and the administration. If the interlocutor tries to interrupt you and to wedge some own statement, your task - not to allow it. You have to speak, the interlocutor - only to listen. It is allowed unless sometimes to publish the exclamations sympathizing or confirming your thought. If after such conversation at it the desire to get acquainted with you closer, then, perhaps is not gone, it makes sense to consider its candidacy.

One of heroines of the charming movie “The Most Charming and Attractive“ claims that to marry, it is necessary to conform to the requirement: “beauty is not happiness, and be born active“. Therefore, if the purpose is opposite, then it is necessary to avoid all activity. Accept the invitation on a visit only if it is impossible to refuse at all in any way, to yourself do not invite at all - activity is punishable by new acquaintances, and it, in turn, is fraught with emergence on the horizon of candidates for princes or princesses. Try to go as little as possible where - or, so-called public places are especially dangerous - there the people wishing to get acquainted quite often come across.

Put on respectively: the clothes have to be convenient, nonspottable, not striking and the most sexless. It is possible not to think of fashion, it - for those who wish to draw attention of an opposite sex. Do not forget about flowers: bright tone can draw to you undesirable attention therefore optimum colors - dim (gray or brown).

Reject doubts: nobody is necessary to you, it is unambiguous! Affection for other person conducts to disappointment - examples of it a set. Therefore exclude a possibility of attachment in your life and live quietly. Of course, nobody will care for you, but also you will not care for anybody, except as for yourself too. Whether and in this happiness?