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“Last fairy tale...“ Zashamanivaniye from Renata Litvinova?

the next movie - madness, the movie - the fairy tale and as the director still calls him, the movie - byl “The last fairy tale of Rita“ started on October 18. Renata Litvinova`s movie.

Already one the fact that the director, a producer, the screenwriter and one of the chief actresses is this film star forces to take an interest in the movie at least. As at most - to descend on a premiere. What I also made.

So about what the movie? For whom it? And why on it it is worth descending? Answers to these questions briefly and accurately cannot be formulated. And it is not necessary. Because this movie, as well as Renata, does not give in to the standard logic and explanations. As she, and all her creativity has zashamanivat property as the director Kira Muratova told about it.

Renata out of rules, out of fashion, out of standards. She does not offer explanations, but shows what can be seen in usual and daily what can be felt if to see usual things from the most different, time of unexpected corners and foreshortenings.

In this movie there is no happy end, there are no average citizens and logical acts. Yes, there are a lot of doctors and patients, but all of them are touched by easy madness. As though you get to the parallel world, habitual, but also absolutely another at the same time. And it reminds “Through the Looking-Glass“.

Watching “The last fairy tale of Rita“, you will feel as that Alice L. Carroll - to be surprised and perplexed constantly. But try to perceive this creation so: “Yes, this picture takes place to be“, or “Yes, it is strange, but, seemingly, is not deprived of the main thing, not deprived of sense“. And here then to you the sense of this movie - love will open.

The love is one of key concepts in “The last fairy tale of Rita“. The second, main moment - death. Love and death. Here what filled the movie. The love is stronger than death; the love is the most important; and the death is not terrible if loved if you love. Here about what the director speaks to us.

Yes, perhaps, the love and death have to appear nearby that the person could feel unsteadiness and fragility of life to appreciate love. Only after loss you understand the true price. About it the movie.

And still it about beauty and a charm. Like the sparkling necklace which beauty bewitches and arrests, the movie - Litvinova`s fairy tale abounds with such moments. In all ordinary you suddenly notice a charm: and as women and as in embrace hands uneasily clench, and paints of dresses incessantly smoke. Beauty of persons, beauty of bitter feeling of loss in half with hard liquors, the falling snow and, at last, beauty of broken phrases - the well-known feature of Renata Litvinova. “Just I so speak“, - it comes true in many interviews.

And it is the truth. You are convinced. (Though many also continue not to trust because it is too wonderful, it is too unlike us.)

Having looked at this picture, I understand that it is necessary to be very courageous person that every time to decide to learn something unusual, to try to understand it and to comprehend (or, if this art, to experience) and if it deserves respect and attention, to manage to recognize it. It is necessary to be very courageous not to lock itself in a framework of banal and prejudiced judgments and to continue to defend the position. And Renata possesses such quality.

It - one of the few directors who could obey only to the desires and feelings, only “madness“. The movie “Last Fairy Tale of Rita“ was shot only on its money, without involvement of other producers. As they say, made everything.

Once, still a fate in the VGIK, Renata wrote the beautiful scenario according to which very much wanted to shoot the movie. And the dream came true. However, not at once, and after many and many years. But from it, apparently, only became more interesting and better as wine which over the years gains only the best qualities.

This movie is filled by remarkable actors: Tatyana Drubich, Olga Kuzina. Here magnificent music of Zemfira and the fallen most in love Renata Litvinova`s madnesses: big black crows, not finished smoking cigarettes, a great number of exotic old women and extraordinary beautiful suits (what there is only one kokoshnik on the film star`s head!).

All this should be seen if you are capable to reject stereotypes and to give in to an ocharovyvaniye and a zashamanivaniye. And it will occur as there is every time when you look at this surprising woman.

Really strange, really unique Renata Litvinova. The goddess who told us “The last fairy tale of Rita“.