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Medicinal properties of bay leaf.

Treatment by bay leaf.
of Family laurel - grow on the Canary Islands, in the Mediterranean, Transcaucasia.
of Monasteries - the popular spice which is present at a set of meat, fish or vegetable dishes, at soups and borsches.
Bay leaf possesses strong anti-oxidizing properties that is used at preservation and marinades of products.

In traditional medicine bay leaf - is applied as a remedy to stimulation of nervous system, at respiratory and skin diseases, at rheumatic and muscular pains.

The essential oil which is contained in a lavrushka, possesses anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. So - bay leaf contains - tannins, minerals, minerals, phytoncides.

Medicinal properties:

Hippocrates (the healer of antiquity) recommended to apply laurel oil to treatment of a nervous tic and spasms. To accept inside laurels infusions for simplification of patrimonial diseases.

Laurel oil in small dozakhpomogat at a meteorizm and ponosa, fights in intestines against fermentation processes.

In mix with vegetable and castor oil, rub in head skin at a hair loss and baldness, apply at inhalation. Pleasant aroma of laurels helps
at absent-mindedness and confusion, mental exhaustion.

For preparation of medicines from laurels in house conditions, apply fresh, pro-dried leaves.

Methods of application:

Infusion. Put in a thermos 2 h a spoon of a grass of a stevia, 1 h a spoon of leaves of bilberry, 20 average leaves of laurels, fill in with boiled water, close a cover, to insist not less than 4 hours, after to filter. To accept infusion to food in 20 minutes, on tablespoon.

A reception course - two weeks, ten days a break also repeat a course several times. Positively works at rheumatoid arthritises, osteochondrosis, diabetes.

At stretchings and bruises, 1 glass of the leaves (which are dried up and crushed) to fill in 0. 5 l of vodka to leave in the dark place for insisting for two weeks. To apply to grinding.

Infusion. To fill in 12 leaves of laurels with abrupt boiled water 0,5 liters in a thermos and to insist 3 hours. After filtering, it is desirable to accept in a warm look 4 times a day, to food, 2 tablespoons.

To continue a course 4 days, infusion lifts the general tone of an organism and stimulates immune system. It is recommended to repeat a course in 2 - 3 weeks, not earlier than.

Do not miss IMPORTANT:

If you have sharp pancreatitis, cholecystitis, an aggravation of a duodenum and stomach ulcer, cholelithiasis - do not apply bay leaf to treatment, in avoidance of side effects.