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How Dima Bikbayev prepared Jim`s role in the performance “Glass Menagerie“?

on a small scene of Theatre of the Moon in the performance “Glass Menagerie“ will be for the first time played on October 19 by Dmitry Bikbayev - the singer, one of the most perspective actors of modern times, the director - the director of performances and musicals. “The glass menagerie“ is put according to stridently biografichny play and fragments of extremely frank memoirs of T. Williams. In other roles Anna Nakhapetova, Ad Dvinsky and Nadezhda Bychkova.

- Dima, than you were attracted by participation in statement “ Glass Menagerie “?

- Decisive were two factors, in - the first, material. Before I actor`s did not face Williams, he is, certainly, a great playwright, “ the western Chekhov “ as it is called still. Statement is very close to psychological theater, and I am attracted by an opportunity, by means of new material, to open and develop in itself new abilities and new professional sides. And, certainly, it is extremely useful and useful experience of work on other audience, Sergey Petreykov`s audience and “ Other » theater; which anyway differs from audience of Theatre of the Moon habitual to me.

- How worked on a role?

- For me input in a performance turned out extremely fast. In a stressful situation I was forced to accumulate as much as possible all the professional skills and practices that, stepping on the stage, to cope with a role not less adequately, than my partners playing directed by more than two years. Of course, besides professional expenses, it was important to enclose right power, almost - to put heart and soul. However, without going into details, after the beginning of work over “ Glass menagerie “ mystics in my life noticeably increased.

- What you can tell about team with which it was necessary to work?

- I am grateful to the director of a performance Gulnara Galavinskaya, for the fact that she did not set for me a task to reproduce the copy of the image created earlier by Dmitry Bozin. I had an opportunity to recreate Jim as I see him. Anna Nakhapetova - pure delight! We with it literally on particles build up the relationship of characters, together we worry, we support each other. I am delighted with it!