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Will share the experience

of cultivation, courtings and gathering one vegetable which always I grow up on the kitchen garden. It is of course an eggplant! In a family at me all love everything that prepares from this vegetable. Beginning from ragout and finishing with konservation for the winter. My many friends say that it is hard to grow up eggplants as they are constantly overcome by Colorado beetles, in food they present the gorkost, and it is necessary to the territory for landing to them much. Believe, I tell with all the heart it not so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At cultivation of eggplants on the kitchen garden I never faced torturers (as the Colorado beetle), just a secret that it is necessary to look after correctly and to do everything in order that no small insects existed.

And at the correct preparation of eggplants in food, about the word and taste. the gorkost can be forgotten absolutely and it will be the most favourite dish in a family. Heard that the most bitter eggplants are a grade African (flat). ordered on the Internet - to shop, tried to do cold, summer salatik, it turned out very tasty. Only focus in what presoaked in water mkh on an otmochka the whole days. And dishes from them turn out, very tasty! And if to say about the territory that a lot of earth for landing of eggplants is necessary, it in general is ridiculous!!!!! I put 300 pieces kornevisty and not sickly in the territory of a square 1 meter.

Here about it would like to napesatat, share with other gardeners and gardeners in more detail. Of course who just very much loves eggplants - this unforgettable most tasty food. If to speak about cultivation of seedling, then it is hard, but following rules, it is possible to receive remarkable good and kornevisty seedling of eggplants. as I was convinced, eggplants painfully react to any the negligent relation to them. slightly that not so right there throw back flowers and ovaries. Heard that the eggplant is a vegetable from diseases, many blezny in medicine, and for us fans to train the etoverny assistant and the friend in kitchen. that, do not burn, and the real tasty summer lunch or even a dinner includes eggplants. What only you will not make for the love of this remarkable vegetable. When eggplants, already ripened at me on a kitchen garden always hunting to forgive it all Ihu unpretentiousness, their whims and strangenesses. And them, frankly speaking, at eggplants not to a mnesha at all, than at tomatoes. Having convinced, of it, I began to select for myself grades of eggplants, and stopped on two remarkable grades, (I put them most of all), as well as I advise all. These are superfruitful and supersteady. The best of these grades, it of course - the Prime minister. Eggplants it is always thermophilic vegetables, love the sun, a warm and sunny weather. But too strong heat is not loved, they have not growth, but debate, from a strong heat. In it cases if there was a strong heat in the afternoon, then in the evening I surely plentifully water with cold water (about 25 degrees Celsius) in independence of growth of eggplants, or seedlings. Though only in the beginning disembarkation in soil, it is obligatory to tame them to cold water, but gradually, I mean 100 grams of water on a bush at the roots today, and tomorrow it is possible more and at the end, I just throw a water hose into deepening where I and spill all holes properly. very first, I choose the territory for disembarkation to the earth of seedling of eggplants. the territory of the earth is better to fertilize (manure) and if there is no opportunity to bring manure from animals, it is possible to buy microelement fertilizer in shop and to fertilize this territory. The place where I usually plant eggplants has to be obligatory light.

Near eggplants, usually I put a sorrel, onions, fennel or garlic (that is low and small greens. If it to observe that and the harvest will be super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

An eggplant, this photophilous plant, he does not suffer even the slightest blackout. And the reason for that, very even not small, occurs falling off of flowers and already even ovaries (nightmare). Blackouts, but also the strong heat, and of course very firm soil can be the cause, not only (even the potreskanny soil from a lack of water). at the firm soil, it is always necessary to remember that it is necessary to loosen constantly it and to water more and of course to fertilize. If it is inconvenient to loosen the earth between, already BIG -

plants eggplants, then I advise simply to loosen with a fork, on depth about 10 centimeters, and it is always necessary to try to do it accurately so that not in which cases not to damage roots, though they already both firm and mature. Itself I land seedling to the earth, in soil, on the street when the soil will well get warm, up to the normal temperature for me it is 20 degrees Celsius, and numbers is the beginning of May. If to land later, somewhere on May 20, I do not consider it as a mistake too, but month should not belong June here, so kA it already categorically late, and even very late as from it I will tell the truth, the gorkost of eggplants depends, when cooking. If in time to put, then and in time it is possible to eat not a bitter and tasty yum-yum.

And so I will return, to the fact that I plant eggplants at the beginning of May (10 - 12), and distance I do 20 - 25 centimeters, I was not mistaken exactly so much. As a result the wood turns out, but evening cold water gives to an eggplant very positive effect.

NOW I do missile defense of the HOLE, a hole as not for all vegetables (tomatoes or pepper). Just I do a furrow from 1 meter to 1 square meter and I do deepening points (small) 20 - 25 centimeters and I begin to land seedling. At first before disembarkation, from above, properly I will spray seedling, average temperature water. Of course, it for its freshness and also slightly - slightly for a raising, these deepenings, properly I water, at first with tepid water, then I take out seedling from glasses accurately and I establish it in deepening. It is necessary to be accurate not to destroy an earth lump which braids roots. Landing seedling of eggplants, I place seedling horses on the South that they properly got warm the sun and there was enough heat on all night long. After landing of eggplants of a hole - surely I water deepenings and again with tepid water (30 - 40 degrees Celsius) and surely from above I powder with the dry earth (as flour), or it is possible dry sand. It for the best prinyatost of eggplants. The bottom (roots) full, and top warm turns out as if (from frosts, of course small temperature drops).

This way very positive and very visible with a growth.

And if to speak, about leaving, behind eggplants, then it is not difficult at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In - the first as, I already wrote it is necessary to loosen constantly the soil that, as they say“ EYES REJOICED“. Surely, in - the second to get rid of weeds. What whether they were.

I is constant as soon as, there passes not the strong rain, I loosen the earth nearby and between eggplants (it for the best inhalation of oxygen). I loosen, of course not deeply with a fork or small grabelka. In - the third, eggplants it is necessary to water constantly especially every day, and after disembarkation of seedling the first month, surely and it is desirable with fertilizers! And I fertilize too very simply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just I to a rajvozh of rabbits, it is also possible to tell it is rich with krolyachy manure. And again I advise. If who has no opportunity to fertilize manure, then it is possible to use “Sudarushk“ (one matchbox on 10 liters of water, just I water at the roots, and again to repeat this procedure, cherez10 - 15 days. But, and if there is an opportunity to fertilize manure, then I carry very simply 1/1, that is half a bucket of manure (it is possible to use any manure) and half a bucket of water (only 10 - 11 liters - a bucket).

Then to put a bucket to very hot place on the street for the whole days. And then, already, two buckets of this hot tincture (a bucket of 400 in size - 500 grams at the roots). It is desirable not to get on leaves which concern eggplants as, just from - for a smell, and harm that they any do not occur.

Sometimes I do not tie up eggplants, only I break the old turned yellow leaves as soon as they appear. I admit to me it was very lucky in search of the grade of eggplants. I somehow decided at once on the choice and it was surprisingly successful. At first grew up a quite good grade E peak, but then could not buy it (seeds) anywhere. Also it was forced to leave it. Then the Rotunda from which it of bigger result, alas did not wait attacked the Italian grade! Admired a grade Gemossom, softness at it does not taste bitter at all, even tried in the raw, and besides it does not darken super when cleaning of a peel.

This grade just super!

Taste of eggplants, is the second taste of mushrooms. What is only cost by meatballs from eggplants! And what matchless caviar from them turns out, will lick vegetable stew (saute), just fingers! But it is visible that grades, gradually grow old, lose many valuable qualities therefore and it is necessary to replace constantly them with new and other grades. and Thank God that such constantly appear.

And wreckers at eggplants it, of course Colorado beetles. They can destroy completely all eggplants, both seedling and flowers and ovaries. Categorically everything, but is not a problem! Once I faced a problem, wreckers of eggplants. At the dacha at me (and that from - for heavy rains) to make the way on the dacha, it was just impossible from - that there were heavy rains, rains went 2 days. After arrival on the dacha I found in eggplants, just as they say, crash. And crash is bugs. They (bugs) too with pleasure eat leaves of eggplants. The truth it, (bug) is somehow less gluttonous, than the Colorado beetle. Bugs leave behind only lumps of leaves, or only veins.

To apply chemical means of protection on eggplants with already fruits not reano. Therefore before disembarkation of seedling to the earth, the earth I spray from bugs. It is simple, that place where I will plant eggplants, I spray. Constantly I impart THIS experience with neighbors in giving. A conclusion - just super! And if who has problems with eggplants, these are Colorado beetles.

And still I advise salty flour. At me is after frying of fish if there is a salty flour, I always pour out at once on eggplants, it is possible even under a back. Here also never I face these parasites. But also it is worth remembering that close with potatoes, better to plant eggplants. There are my best checked councils which I consider just super! Also I advise you!