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How to grow thin for 5 kg in three weeks?

there was the last breakthrough on the way to an ideal figure? It seems that you need to introduce only small amendments in already almost slender body, and the objectives will be achieved? Well, do not shelve business, but also you do not hurry.

These last 5 kg can leave forever and any more not disturb you the reflection in a mirror. Only three weeks are necessary, and your self-confidence will become the habitual phenomenon for eyes of people around. Now the question of how to grow thin in three weeks for 5 kg, will not be for you secret. It was necessary only to get it together these days. what to begin


All processes in an organism are connected by

with our brain, it is the known truth long ago. Therefore if we do not convince ourselves that we will precisely grow thin, at us nothing will turn out. It is impossible to think that you strongly in something limit yourself, it in a root is wrong. It is necessary to perceive healthy nutrition as a way to make an organism it is healthier, to clear it. All of us understand that the slender person is other person therefore realize that behind these five kilograms absolutely new life is covered. You can replace also for completeness of feelings a hairdress!

So how to grow thin in three weeks for 5 kg for certain and without additional efforts?


Is a safe way to grow thin during some time constantly, without stopping, and at the same time almost not to feel hungry.

Breakfast. It is known that the most useful and nutritious breakfast is a porridge. Porridge can be eaten any: oat, buckwheat, millet. It is also possible to diversify recipes for every taste. If you want, then make porridge with raisin, with fresh apple and cinnamon, with low-fat white cheese, with peaches, the main thing, do not add to it oil and use as little as possible sugar. Once a week you are able to afford toasts with cottage cheese or low-fat cheese. Absolutely you should not limit yourself therefore it is sometimes allowed to indulge himself with ice cream, it is quite easily acquired, the main thing - to eat it in the forenoon.

Lunch. During the lunchtime our diet is considerably reduced. We cook for ourselves vegetable cucumbers, tomatoes salad and lettuce leaves with soy sauce. We eat it the first 2 - 3 days without all additives. Plus is that the portion can be quite big that you felt saturation. We add nothing to salad because we should give an impetus to an organism that it began to lose weight, that is we consume as the smaller amount of carbohydrates and fats is possible. After the first several days it is possible to add nutlets, chicken breast or fish, etc. to salad. It is possible to replace vegetable salad fruit with light yogurt and a spoon of muesli, to stew vegetables without potato or it is even simple to eat a big plate of sweet cherry.

Dinner. In the first days the dinner will be absolutely easy: apple or orange to 7 o`clock in the evening. Further it is possible to afford other fruit and berries, except bananas and grapes, but approximately in 3 - 4 hours prior to a dream. If hunger attacks, drink green tea and you go to bed.

of Sports

Sport is an elastic, tightened body, it is the best expense of calories and excellent health. In general, the offered power supply system works most effectively only in combination with some physical activities. The choice, actually, will surprise you with the variety. If you have younger brothers and sisters or the child, you can choose two-hour walk on air at active speed, it is better in the second half of day. There is no time for walks, then it is good to run about, swim for a while or to be engaged in aerobics for 40 minutes. It is not obligatory to be engaged in the gym, there is a set of videocourses among which without effort it is possible to choose that which suits you. It can be exercises for symmetry of legs, for strengthening of buttocks, a press, a breast. Perfectly any dances influence study of muscles of all body. the Result

As you already understood

, the main thing - to give an impetus to the organism, to sustain the first 2 - 3 days, observing rigid restrictions. Worry these days, adjust yourself on an ideal figure, forget about food, enjoy easy feeling of hunger at the end of the day, represent how fats are burned while you feel hungry. Further everything will go much more simply, you will wean there are candies, bread, will forget about existence of these products, for you they are not important and uninteresting any more. And vegetables - such fresh, such natural, crackling, juicy, here it is a sound body and spirit!

Add to food of spice and seasoning, they will expand the flavoring range of food. Buy favourite fruit and enjoy them wholly! You cannot live without sweet? Afford one ice cream to 12 o`clock in the afternoon or eat candy at breakfast! Feel an unknown tone after sports activities, be tired, strain muscles, and then you sleep as the baby, and wake up with pleasant feeling that now it is possible to indulge himself with something tasty.

So, you will grow thin approximately on 2 kg a week, the first days can please you with sharp weight reduction on half a kilogram for couple of days. Well, after some three weeks you are waited by an ideal figure and tremendous health without extra kilos.

Now you know how to grow thin in three weeks for 5 kg and to reach the dream. Do not forget, still slightly - slightly - and your self-confidence will be combined with smooth bends of your new, graceful, shining ease body!