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What to occupy the child of the house in rainy weather with?

Behind a window a never-ending rain, on the street so promozglo that there is no wish to leave the house. And the child who got used to daily walks does not know, than to him to be engaged. The bothered books and toys are scattered on different corners, household goods are already used, and in only several minutes the apartment turns into one big disorder.

At the same time the kid exasperates mother with the whims, constantly pulling a dressing gown. Infinite moaning generates irresistible desire to slap the little torturer on a bottom. And work with its constant works involving all hands and the exacting loud chief seems paradise embodiment … Familiar situation?

How it is possible to play with the child who does not go to kindergarten yet, at the same time being engaged in its development?

The simplest occupation which comes to the first to mind, - drawing. If the child absolutely still the baby, special finger-type paints approach: it is possible to do prints of fingers, palms, pyatochek. To the child is more senior which is already able to hold a pencil or a brush in hand, it is time to get colored pencils, a water color, gouache.

Children not really love limited space of a leaf and constantly strive to create beyond its limits. Therefore not to spoil a floor or a table, I suggest the daughter to draw on a reverse side of a roll of old wall-paper which I spread previously on all surface of a floor. And we just cut out then the pleasant pictures and we leave for memory.

It is also possible to draw also by means of grain. On a plain surface we fill a thin layer a semolina or other type of grain for which it is not a pity, and we show to the kid as a finger it is possible to remove various figures and patterns. This very fascinating occupation, and my daughter can sometimes draw thus longer than five minutes.

With grain it is possible to think up also other games: to pour it from one capacity into another, by means of a spoon to shift from a plate in a plate, to divide the mixed grain - for example, multi-colored haricot, or peas with lentil (of course, it is obligatory under supervision).

And from grain very interesting applications turn out. Densely smear a sheet of paper with glue and let`s the kid strew on it a semolina or millet. Options of production of the real masterpieces of children`s “art“ great variety, the main thing - to connect the imagination. It is possible to paste different types of grain in a chaotic order, and it is possible to spread some certain drawing. Except grain, pieces of color paper, dried leaflets and berries, various seeds, spices will be suitable for application, in general, that is near at hand and gives in to gluing.

It is possible to show to the child various training movies. Now on the Internet there is a set of the developing video presentations in which letters and figures, colors of a rainbow and a note, a plant and animals, home decoration, tools etc. are shown. It is possible to look with the kid at an old kind animated cartoon from the childhood. The main thing not to allow the baby to look in the monitor longer than 5-10 minutes that eyes were not tired. And in one place to sit to the child longer than this time it is tiresome.

Here we will be come to the rescue by a fizkultminutka. In children`s books, for mothers and on open spaces of the all-knowing Internet it is possible to find many examples in which various exercises are poetically beaten in magazines. If such at you is not present, just tell the child any poem and carry out the movements which are pleasant to both of you more: turns, squats, inclinations, moves hands and legs etc. the good mood will be provided to

. Sports occupations can be diversified with passing of an obstacle course. It can be built literally in five minutes, having armed with those household items and a house situation what will not damage to an interior and will be rather safe for the kid. These are balls, jump ropes, hoops and cushions, big buckets and cardboard boxes, Tazy, stools, chairs and benches - it is possible to list long. Think up small history and go with the kid to fascinating travel in search of treasures or to revenue of the favourite hero.

It is possible to have a rest after such physical activity behind a molding from plasticine. Absolutely small children can roll sausages and balls, and children are more senior quite can mold carrot or the hare with a hedgehog. And if there is a wish to keep the hand-made article, then it is better to mold from the salty test. It is easy to prepare it - it is necessary to mix on a glass of flour and salt of a fine crushing with one tablespoon of vegetable oil and a half glasses of water. Dough can be tinted juice of beet and carrots, brilliant green, cocoa or food dyes. Still option - already ready (dried up in an oven) to paint a product with gouache or acrylic paints.

“And how household chores?“ - you ask. Of course, it is good when the child is busy, but nobody cancelled a dinner for the father, and washings the whole mountain collected. All daily duties can try to be carried out together with the kid - for him it will be one more game: while you clean vegetables, the child can display them on a table in any order while you sweep the floor - let will take a scoop.

And linen from the machine to spread on forces even to the one-year-old child (I impart own experience). Help to hang out linen, giving things on one, kids too with the great pleasure, at the same time it is possible both to learn colors, and names of clothes. The kid already too can throw out different unnecessary pieces of paper in a garbage can and from a table to erase a sponge. I was convinced that household chores in a game form can quite be carried out with the kid. Of course, nobody guarantees an ideal order, but something useful to the house and a family to make surely will turn out, the main thing - to carry away it the kid.

Well and if any of above-mentioned councils does not help, well, it is necessary to put on more warmly, to get gumboots, to take raincoats with umbrellas and to go with the child to the street to measure pools. Do not hesitate of anybody and try to gambol, having remembered the childhood. Here you will see how many the delight and happiness will be in the opinion of your kid.