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And you are mentally healthy?

As it is paradoxical, but our medicine, at treatment of the person proceeds from the diagnosis, i.e. obviously existing pathology is taken as a basis. So far health of the person is treated by medicine as absence of diseases, it is unknown whom in general it is possible to consider healthy because the person without diagnoses does not exist. Therefore the concept “conditionally healthy“ is entered, - i.e. the person who has these or those deviations in system of an organism, but which still significantly do not influence a state of health.

It, as for physical health. But the person has also a mentality which plays an essential role in a condition of somatic health. If since the childhood we heard a saying that a sound mind in a sound body, then today the medicine and psychotherapy claim that communication just the return: if the person has a healthy mentality, then he has no somatic diseases.

But how to be with definition of mental health? What criteria? If we proceed besides from lack of these or those symptoms of frustration of mentality, then you will not find mentally healthy people. And it is really close to a real picture of a mental condition of the modern person.

Three main components enter fundamentals of mentality of the person:
- feelings;
- thinking;
- behavior

Any, even leads the most insignificant frustration of any of three components to frustration of two others. If something not as it should be with my emotional sphere, for example, I am in love, or, on the contrary, I endure a grief, - that my brain does not work, and the behavior becomes inadequate. If the boy since the childhood taught to give to the offender delivery at once, then even in an adult state at it the fist flies quicker, than he will manage to analyse a situation. To it in this case thinking to anything as there is a ready way of action.

And now in brief about what is considered to be as a healthy emotional background. Our emotional sphere consists of positive, negative and neutral feelings. To neutral it is possible to refer surprise and interest. From positive - only pleasure in different extent of manifestation. All other emotions - negative. And so, mentally healthy person during the day has such ratio between the listed feelings:
neutral - 60%
positive - 35%
negative - 5%

Is scientific data, but not just our “izmshlizm“. To learn in what state there is your emotional sphere - try several days to write down all events of day and feeling which you had concerning these events. For example, the wife stated you a claim concerning unwashed a sock. What feelings you at the same time had? What thoughts and actions they caused?) )

There is also no accurate definition of healthy thinking. There are symptoms of defeat of thinking among which:
- lack of a reflection, i.e. ability to see itself from outside;
- the negative forecast when the forthcoming events are drawn in negative light;
- perfectionism (everything has to be made ideally), superficial generalizations on one sign (“I was at one psychologist, which …, therefore all psychologists morons“);
- labeling (you the patient, you it is necessary to be treated …) - is black
- white perception: I do not see half tones.

Before writing of this article we conducted small research regarding mental health. And so, the overwhelming number of respondents considered that they have with mental health a full order, and here the people surrounding them … have problems and, quite often, very serious. But the nestykovochka turns out.

If you positively adjusted optimistical person who does not estimate, does not criticize and does not condemn anybody, including itself if you do not seek to control anybody and to suppress if you grant yourself the right to be mistaken and you do not repeat at the same time the made mistakes - we congratulate you! You are a healthy person! We will be very glad to get acquainted with you closer to learn how you reached it. You, in a sense, are unique))

Together with Yulia Vasyukova