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Those 90 - e. How prepared “from nothing“?

All these recipes came to our family in 90 - e years. Then from banks of stewed meat at us prepared also the first (potato soup with meat pieces), and the second (vermicelli or mashed potatoes with “meat“ gravy). Both so - not one and not two days running. Since then I on spirit do not take out stewed meat.

A here the third was impossible. In the pay day the pack of pelmeni was bought (it was the holiday!), bank of sour cream (as it was tasty to lick a spoon!) and fast vermicelli “Anaky“. Pelmeni reached a limit in two days, “Anaky“ - in a week, and again there was a stewed meat wholesaled, the whole box - so left cheaper.

Both mother, and both grandmothers found or composed new recipes “to sweeten“ to me the bothered lunches and dinners. Neigbours and relatives willingly shared the techniques of transformation of available cheap products into desserts. All had children asking “tasty“ or “sweet“. And anybody then had no opportunities to buy the desirable in shop almost. Here and house sweets “from nothing“ were born. And not only sweets.

In eight - nine years I found this retseptik in the newspaper subscribed by the grandmother and prepared the first in the life pastries. Honey gingerbread without honey

in half of glass of strong black tea we dissolve

a half-glass of sugar, we pour out in a bowl, we stir with a glass of jam without stones, we drive in egg, we pour 2 glasses of flour, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and extinguished vinegar soda. We knead rather thin dough, we pour out in the oiled form and we bake.

The mother`s aunt baked to me and the granddaughters “deceptive belyashes“. They are not similar to belyashes in any way, but we ate them greedily and asked still. Deceptive belyashes

the Bulb small - small we cut

. In a glass of fermented milk product (kefir, liquid sour cream, fermented baked milk, skvashenny milk) we dissolve soda, a salt pinch, 3 tablespoons of sugar, the crumbed cube. We add the cut onions and 1,5-2 glasses of flour, quickly we knead liquid, as for fritters, dough. We fry on a frying pan in oil.

In the course there were sandwiches with a stuffing. Now not to surprise children with them and not to carry away, but to me and cousins it was tasty - prevkusno. Trained them then on a frying pan under a cover, and now one their relatives sometimes does them in a microwave.

of 8-10 mushrooms (at us then were not purchased, but collected in the next grove) and a bulb we fry Sandwiches with a stuffing as usual and we throw back on a colander. (Or two sausages) and 100 grams of cheese we cut 100 grams of sausage cubes. From slices of long loaf we take out a crumb. We put a slice on a plate or a frying pan, looking in what we will begin to prepare, we fill the place of a crumb with a mushrooms, sausage and cheese stuffing. Or we fry on small fire under a cover to a long loaf rumyanost, or we put in a microwave for 1 minute.

Such sandwiches can be wrapped up food wrap and to send “for emergency“ to the freezer. Without prejudice to taste will lie week there.

The grandmother still baked “Pension“ cookies. She said that on its pension it is possible to bake only such cookies.

Pension cookies

we Will stir up a fork or a nimbus a brine from salty tomatoes (house) with a glass of sugar and a half of a glass of vegetable oil, we will pour a handful of flour and soda, we will mix that there were no lumps. Then, adding gradually flour, we will knead hard dough. In total torments 2-2,5 glasses will leave.

We will roll “sausages“, we will cut them on pieces. We will turn each piece into thin cookie, we will puncture several times with a fork, we will put on a baking sheet. Cookies should be baked till ruddy color.

And my mother, having been tired of mine “mothers, give a candy“, invented such dish. It prepared candies from … vegetable marrows. From usual vegetable marrows. From them also “apple“ juice turned out.

of Candy and juice from vegetable marrows

we Will mix 300 grams of sugar, a vanillin pinch, a pinch of lemon acid. We will clear young vegetable marrows in which sunflower seeds are not created yet of a peel, we will cut in cubes 2x2 cm, we will put in a bowl, pouring sugar. We will send a bowl under oppression to the refrigerator for about 12-14 hours. Later we will merge and we will boil the formed juice, we will lay out vegetable marrows on a baking sheet and slightly we will dry in an oven. Let`s just dry, it is not necessary to do strong heat. We store in the refrigerator in a glass jar with a skintight cover.

Here such recipes were at us in the course. Mother hates them as a reminder on years when she, the father who was left without work and I lived for one its teacher`s salary. I remember from food of that time hated stewed meat and those “yum-yum“ which mother indulged me.